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The curtain is finally down on one of the most popular and influential reality singing shows on earth after 15 years. The first American idol final in 2002 was a battle of the sexes between Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini. Kelly Clarkson emerged as the winner. The final of the American Idol on 7-April 2016 saw a repeat of the battle of sexes between Trent Harmon and La’Porsha Renae. The eventual winner is Trent Harmon. He is the 15th and final winner of American Idol. He earned a record contract along with the honor.


Trent Harmon, 26, from Mississipi, is a waiter at his family’s restaurant before taking part in American Idol. His rival, Renae, 22, is a single mother who inspired viewers with her triumph over domestic abuse as well as a richly powerful voice.

La'Porsha Renae

La’Porsha Renae

Both are equally outstanding in their voice and singing. The contest was evenly matched. What tip the scale in favor of Trent Harmon?

Let us the examine the Bazi Chart of Trent Harmon and La’Porsha Renae. Please print your Bazi Chart here.

Bazi Chart of Trent Harmon

Bazi Chart of Trent Harmon

Trent Harmon is a Yang Fire Day Master born in the autumn season where metal is prosperous and water is strong. His Day Master of Yang Fire is weak in autumn season as metal is prosperous and water is strong. His favorable elements are Fire and Wood.  In 2016, the fire element is strong as represented by the Yang Fire in the stem of the year. The Fire in the year will strengthen his weak fire. He has also many fans(RW) as represented by the Yin Fire(RW) in his natal chart in the day and year pillar. He is also in his Luck pillar of RW(Rob Wealth). He won viewers over with his supple vocals and increasingly assured stage presence, and they voted him into history as the show’s last champion. His singing sensation was represented by the HO stars in the hidden stem of the Day and Year Pillar. HO star represents talents/skills. HO star also loves to be in the limelight and an expressive star. HO in the Year Pillar means he is performing in public via TV. To be a good singer, his singing skill (HO star) must be supported by his resource star (DR) which is next to its Day master. DR represents his vocal training, practice, and support from his parents. He also got good looks as represented by Yin Metal in the hidden stem of the Month Pillar and appeared attractive to his fans as represented by Yin Fire in the hidden stem of his Day and Year Pillar.

Bazi Chart of La'Porsha Renae

Bazi Chart of La’Porsha Renae

Renae is a Yang Wood Day master born in summer season where the fire element is prosperous and earth is strong. Her Wood day master is weakened by the presence of strong fire and earth elements in her chart, hence her Day master of Yang wood is considered weak. Weak Yang Wood Day Master favors Wood and Water elements. Her enemies are fire and earth elements. She is entering into the Luck Period of Yang Water over Yang Earth. As water is her favorable element she is able to enter into the final round of the contest. However, her career pillar which is the month pillar are weak as the stem and earth branch are represented by her unfavorable earth element which is also the weakest element in 2016 compared to Trent which has Wood and Metal in the month pillar as Wood is the second strongest element in 2016. Further, her RW star, which represented her fans and Yin Fire which represented her charm and attractiveness appeared in her month pillar only compared to Trent Harmon whose RW appeared in the day and year pillar. Trent Harmon has more fans than her. For a successful singer, it is important to have his/her fans(RW) appeared in the Year Pillar which is the public. Her DR star or Direct Resource is situated far from her as it is located in the Year Pillar. It is harder for her to find support or resources compared to Trent but it is her resilience as represented by her Yin Earth Day Master that made her reached the final. The Yin Metal in the Year represented her beautiful and controlled voice that mesmerized the viewers.

The Bazi chart on the day of the contest on 7-April-2016 is shown below.

Bazi Chart of the contest

Bazi Chart of the day of contest

Apparently, the strong fire and wood elements in 2016 helps to strengthen Trent’s weak day master, which needs fire and wood to power his day master, whereas Ranae needs wood and water but the strong fire element in 2016 which is her unfavorable element is not what she wanted as she already has strong fire in her chart. The stronger RW star(fans) in Trent’s chart compared to Ranae also tip the scale in favor of Trent. The elements on the day of the final have many earth elements which did not favor Ranae as earth element is her unfavorable element. Although water and wood elements which are the favorable elements of Ranae are also present on the final but in view of the strong configuration of earth element on the day of the competition, the strong earth element rules the day. Wood element which is a favorable element for Trent is strong on the day of the competition as the Dragon in the month pillar is part of the spring season of wood. Another favorable element for Trent is the fire element which is in the hidden stem of Day Pillar and heaven stem of the Year Pillar on the day of the competition.

From the above two charts, I can deduce that to be a good singer there must be an HO star and a resource star either DR or IR in the natal chart. If the HO and IR or DR is not in the natal chart, you can look for them in the annual year pillar or luck period. However, your singing ability based on the year or luck period is not sustainable once the year or luck period is over.

Some of the famous singers’ Bazi charts with HO and DR/IR stars are shown below-



Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson

Michael Buble'

Michael Buble’

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

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