Bazi & 5 elements

Bazi is based on 5 elements: metal, wood, water, fire & earth. These 5 elements represents 5 fundamental forces or energy which are governed by the Circle of Birth and destruction which are believed to regulate all motion and activity in the universe. The cycle of birth: metal generates water, water produces wood, wood generates fire, fire produces earth, earth generates metal. The cycle of destruction: metal controls wood, wood controls earth, earth counter water, water puts out fire and fire melts metal.

For every element , there is a Yin and Yang polarity giving us ten in total.

By understanding the rules governing the relationship between the 5 elements, we can get a deeper insight into the order of the universe and predict destiny. Please click here to read on “Assessing your wealth capacity”.

The 5 elements can be classified into Yin & Yang:-

  1. Yang Wood

Yang wood- big & tall tree

2. Yin Wood


Yin wood- creeper plants

3.  Yang Fire


Yang fire- sun

4.  Yin Fire


Yin fire- candle light

5.  Yang Earth


Yang earth- mountain

6.  Yin Earth


Yin Earth- soil, sand

7.  Yang Metal


Yang metal- raw metal, big chains

8.  Yin Metal


Yin metal- jewellery, necklace

9.  Yang Water


Yang water – big gushing waterfall

10. Yin Water


Yin water- drops of rain water


They are also called Heavenly Stems as they will appear on top part of the Bazi chart.

A typical Bazi Chart will have 4 pillars: hour pillar, day pillar, month pillar & year pillar. As the Chinese calendar expresses year, day, month and hour in terms of  5 elements, each item – year, month, day and hour is represented by 2 Chinese characters and each character symbolizes one basic element.  The first character is written on top is called “heavenly stem” while the second Character written underneath is called “earthly branch”. There are 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches and each of them symbolize an element.

The 12 earthly branches are:-

  1. Rat(Yang Water)
  2. Ox(Yin Earth)
  3. Tiger(Yang Wood)
  4. Rabbit(Yin Wood)
  5. Dragon(Yang Earth)
  6. Snake(Yin Fire)
  7. Horse(Yang Fire)
  8. Goat(Yin Earth)
  9. Monkey(Yang Metal)
  10. Rooster(Yin Metal)
  11. Dog(Yang Earth)
  12. Pig(Yin Water)

Before we can put the 5 basic elements to predict destiny, we must also know the seasonal aspects of the 5 elements. As nature on earth changes according to the 4 seasons, the prosperity and strength of elements also change with this natural cycle. Spring is the prosperous season for wood as all plants prosper in spring. Summer is associated with sun and fire and this is the time fire is considered most prosperous. Autum is  the season when leaves fall , it is time when wood element is weak and metal which destroyed wood becomes the strongest. In winter, water is considered strongest element because it is associated with ice and snow. The fifth element, earth is regarded as neutral and so its presence is felt throughout the year and particularly strong during last month of each season.

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      Just to let you know that I do provide personalized Bazi Report services at a fee.
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