Breakthrough and strategies in 2016

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Many of us have many wants in our life like have more money, start a business, good career, have a happy life, happy relationship, good health and others. However, many of us are not able to get what we want mainly because we are not clear on what we want, the reason why we want it and we do not set goals. To achieve breakthrough, there are three steps to follow:-

  •  Choices-Know what you want-Is it wealth? Career? Relationship? Health?
  •  Right WayWhy you want it? Why is your compelling reason to be rich? Your reason has to be compelling enough to drive you to get what you want.
  •  Strategy-How to get it?-set your goals/targets, learn from the best in the industry/market and use Bazi Chart to plan your strategy

How to use Bazi Chart to plan your strategy for the breakthrough in 2016?

A simple way to achieve your breakthrough is to look at your Day Master and plan your strategy for 2016. Please print your Bazi Chart and check what is your Day Master?

The Day Master is the most important reference point for Bazi analysis. Before you can start using BaZi to analyse your life, you begin with the Day Master. This is basically your day of birth. It denotes your basic nature and character- Who You Are at the most fundamental level. For example below, the Day Master is Yin Water.

Chris DM

Bazi chart

Yang Wood Day Master

Your ability to market your products/services by grabbing a market share by coming out with the new creation, new ideas, provide solutions and solve problems is important. The ability to create is important in your strategy.

Yin Wood Day Master

Your ability to market or promote yourself to customers and your boss is important. Promotion and networking are important strategies.

Yang Fire Day Master

You need to do self-reflection and rethink your aspirations, goals and dreams. Thinking and planning ahead are your strategy.

Yin Fire Day Master

You will have high tendencies to shop/buy stuff this year. Buy or invest in assets like properties and shares instead of liabilities and invest in your own education. Invest wisely in your strategy.

Yang Earth Day Master

You will have a good instinct, six sense, long term planning, ability to read market/industry trends and do research. Use instinct, six sense, observing market/industry trend and research to plan your strategy.

Yin Earth Day Master

You need to do retraining, relearning to be relevant and useful. Retraining and learning are your strategies. Just like upgrading your software “ios” system to 9.2.1in i-phone to fix all and remove all the bugs.

Yang Metal Day Master

You need to have focus and discipline. Stay focus and discipline are your strategies.

Yin Metal Day Master

You need to have titles, promotion and status upgrade. You also must look good or intelligence and be popular like a star. Promoting beauty, star quality, premium class and high grade of your products/services are your strategies.

Yang Water Day Master

There will be much money making opportunities for you- you can start a new business if you are a businessman or to invest for employees. Adopt a strategy of sniffing out money making opportunities.

Yin Water Day Master

There will be an increase in responsibilities and money making opportunities for you. Most likely your boss will assign more tasks to you. Just say yes to your boss, be proactive and accept the additional responsibilities and you will be rewarded later. Have a proactive and responsible strategy.

Strong Mindset

To  achieve breakthrough or success, you also must have a strong mindset. This can be seen from the Hour Pillar of your Bazi Chart. You must have Direct Wealth(DW), Indirect Wealth(IW), Friend(F) and Rob Wealth(RW) in your Hour Pillar. if you have any of these stars, you have a potentially strong mindset for a breakthrough. You have to win the internal battle of the mind before you can achieve any breakthrough and win any external battle like your goal to be rich. (Please refer to my post on Assessing your Wealth Capacity)


For short-term strategy, you can use of your Annual Pillar. The Annual Pillar for 2016 is –

Annual Pillar 2016

For example, for a Yang Water and a Yin Water person, if your strategy is to get wealth or money, most likely you will be able to get it in 2016 as in 2016, there is Yang Fire in the Heavenly Stem and for a person with Water Day Master, his or her wealth is Fire. If you have a Yang Water Day Master, most likely you get more money than a Yin Water Day Master. In general, Yang Day Master is richer than Yin Day Master as Yang Day Master person is more action oriented or take more action than a Yin Day Master who thinks more than he/she takes action.

Wealth elememnts

Wealth element based on your Day Master

Luck Pillar

Luck Pillar is used for long-term strategy and timing.  With the right strategy based on your Day Master, strong mindset, Annual and timing of Luck Pillar, the probability of achieving your breakthrough or success is very high.

For example, if your Day Master is Water and your long-term strategy is to make more money, then you can check when the fire element appears in your ten years Luck Pillar as fire is the wealth element for a person with Water as a Day Master. Once you have determined the age period, you have to start your preparation by upgrading your skill or talent so that you can grab any money making opportunities that come along during the particular ten years Luck Period. The formula for Good Luck/Success=Preparation + Opportunities.

Luck Pillar

Luck Pillar

For example, this is the chart of a person with Water as a Day Master, this person will go through his Wealth Luck Pillar from the age of 46 to 55 and 56 to 65 years. Before he enters into his Wealth Luck Pillar, he can strategize by preparing himself by upgrading his skills/talents and save or take a loan to grab any wealth opportunities during his Wealth Luck Period.Please print your Bazi Chart and based on your Day Master, proper mind

Please print your Bazi Chart and based on your Day Master, have a strong mindset, strategize based your Annual and timing of Luck Pillar then plan and take action for the breakthrough this year to achieve your goals.

If somehow you find it hard to take action, please spend more time in the South zone or sector of your house or office as there is an Execution star in the South sector this year. To help you to breakthrough this year you can also spend more time in the South West sector of your house or office as this is the Wealth sector or success sector for 2016. To check which is the South and South West sector in your house, you stand in the middle of your house and download any compass from your smartphones and find out where is the South West and South sector of your house. Once you have located the South West and South sector, you spend more time to do your work in the area to get the Qi energy of the wealth/success and execution star.

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3 thoughts on “Breakthrough and strategies in 2016

  1. Tom says:

    Dear UncleBazi,

    Do we have to consider the strength of the day master as well? Most practitioners believe that only strong day masters can take advantage of strong wealth luck pillars, weak day masters can’t control wealth very well and probably have to beef up their resource or networking skills, i.e. utilizing resource and friend elements. So weak & strong DMs have to use totally different skill sets to reach the same goal. What is your opinion about this?


    1. UncleBazi says:

      For planning strategy you do not have to consider the strength of the day master. The answer to your second question is yes. However, a person with a weak day master can also be rich and successful one day when he enters into his favorable luck pillar which will enhance the strength of his day master.

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks a lot for your clear explanations UncleBazi.


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