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1.What is Digidentz?

Digidentz is an abbreviation for “Digital Students”. This is because we believe that everyone is a student of life and there is a limitation on what we know about ourselves from the real world. However, with the aid of the Internet, you can learn more about yourselves through the Digital World today. In fact, if you are reading this, you are a Digital Student!


2.Who are the people behind the scenes?

Currently, I am the sole owner of Digidentz. While I do own this website and am in charge of maintenance of the website, the main star of this website is UncleBazi, who will be constantly sharing about viewing life through the lens of BaZi.


3.Is Digidentz going to talk about BaZi all the time?

While BaZi is the theme and soul of Digidentz, but so is taking a break and talking about famous vacation spots, discussing about boy- girl relationship and sharing about our life events. Uncle Bazi and I will definitely produce a variety of posts to entertain you! So, don’t be surprised to see some posts about productivity and my personal life stories.


4.Is Digidentz looking forward to recruiting people as voluntary bloggers?

Definitely! I am sure the audience will like to learn from different people as well, especially if you are looking for a platform to share your knowledge about Bazi. All you need to do is just send in the following items to

(a) A 100 words statement on why do you want to join Digidentz.

(b) Your resume/ CV.


After reviewing through your details, you can expect to hear from me within 48 hours.


5.I have some information I will like to share with Digidentz, how do I go about it?

Simple! Just email me at and I will feature your post under the relevant field. In fact, if you love to write, I will even invite you to be a co-author with me, no matter how old you are or where do you come from!


6. Is Digidentz a legal and registered business?

Good question! Many people asked me this before and to be honest, the answer is “No”! The name of the website, Digidentz is just purely a brand for my blog. If you have been following closely to the previous posts, you will realised that behind all those insightful articles, the writers have been sharing out what they know on a own-time, own- paced basis, which proves things like KPI doesn’t exist in Digidentz.


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