How to choose your career using BaZi

Ba Zi is one of the tools we can use to choose which career field or industry to be in so that we can get the maximum return for our effort. As this is a productivity blog, it makes sense that choosing the right industry to be in will make us become more productive. Please read my blog on “Startup or employment”,“Assessing your Wealth Capacity”, “Do yo want to be rich” and “Can you marry rich”.

Based on 5 elements-FIRE, WOOD, METAL, WATER, and EARTH, it can indicate suitable industries that will bring job satisfaction and professional growth for the individual. To plot your chart, CLICK HERE.

The elements representing the various industries are as follows:-

  1. Fire
  • Petrol, fuel
  • Restaurant, food & beverage
  • Airlines
  • Technology
  • Engine, electronics, electric
  • Computers
  • Fire Arms, military, artillery
  • Laser,fire, heat related fields
  • Promotion, services

2. Wood

  • Fashion & clothing
  • Furniture
  • Plantation
  • Education, teaching
  • Religious preaching
  • Health

3.  Metal

  •  Jewellery, goldsmith
  • Automobile & Vehicle
  • Finance & Banking
  • Metal, aluminum, iron
  • Engineering
  • Mechanical nature field

4. Water

  •  Aquatic, Fishery
  •  Sailing, shipping
  • Tourism
  • Trading & transport
  • Journalism
  • Water related field-strategists, thinkers
  • Flowing, moving industry like courier service

5. Earth

  • Property, real estate
  • Natural resources
  • Insurance
  • Building Materials

Let us look at a sample Bazi chart as shown below:

Bazi Chart 4

To determine, which industry will yield Mr X the maximum return for him, please look at the example below-

Ba Zi Chart of Mr X


To see which field or industry will give the maximum return to Mr X , look at the hidden stems of the month pillar as the month pillar represents career prospects. Earthly branch in the month pillar is a Dragon houses 3 hidden elements-Earth in the center, Water and wood at the left and right side. It means that Mr. X has 3 possible industries to choose;- earth, water and wood industries. He has to choose one. Normally the center element-Earth which is the most dominant element will give the maximum return or opportunities to Mr. X. However, the field with maximum opportunities or return is not easy as the element is not your favorable element. If you can overcome the challenges, it will be very rewarding for you.

Another way to look at it, take an analogy just imagine you are buying moon cakes, (check the month pillar at the earth branch), it is a Moon Cake with Dragon Brand. When you open the Dragon Moon cake box, there are three flavors-Water, Earth and Wood-in Hidden Stems. Earth is the biggest moon cake compared to the other two smaller moon cakes. Normally, most people will choose the bigger moon cake as it is better than the smaller ones as it has more ingredients inside.

So the industry related to earth like properties and real estates are more suitable for Mr X. He will be more successful and can grow in his earth related career compared to other industries. If some how, Mr X prefers to work in the wood industry like education, teaching or fashion he can still be successful in this line. Similarly if he opted for water industry related careers like travelling, tourism, courier, strategist, journalism. Sometimes the more options you have, the more confuse you will be. I prefer it to be pure, no confusion at all. So just decide on one and pursue your dream job/industry to put you on the path of least resistance to your wealth.

Another example-

Mr A – look at the “big moon cake” at month earth pillar which is a Rabbit. When you open the “Moon cake box”, there is only one flavour i.e.wood flavour.

So to Mr. A, the most suitable career is to be in wood related industry-like education, teaching, medical & health, fashion, furniture, plantation,etc.

Here there is no confusion at all on the option.

Ba Zi Chart of Mr A

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44 thoughts on “How to choose your career using BaZi

  1. Irwan says:

    Please analyse my bazi?

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Please email your questions to me at


  2. Sara says:

    My month pillar only has one hidden stem: Gui Water – which is the same as my day element. I’ve always wanted to be a writer/actor although I work for a bank. Is writing water or wood industry? What about film? I’m pretty good at everything – but I’m old and tired now – should I just give those dreams up? Thanks.

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Sara,

      The right field that give you maximum opportunities is water industry. Tourism, trading, transport, journalism belong to water industry.Banking belongs to metal industry. Film & entertainment belong to Fire Industry. Writing books belongs to wood industry. When you are too old to change, it is better to stick to your current job and make the best of it.


  3. SK says:

    Hi Uncle Bazi,

    I had done some basic profiling for myself, and I am quite aware of certain traits that I demonstrate regularly.

    My daymetal is Xin – hidden stems: Ji Earth (IR) , Yi Wood (IW) and Yin Fire (7K)

    My month pillar only has one hidden stem: Gui Water (EG)

    Currently, I am with an IT company as an technical implementation consultant-cum-trainer to analyse requirement issues gathered from my clients and in line to train users on our platform.

    Although I lack the necessary technical knowledge of my company product; I put good effort in building rapport and working hard; but the way I express myself is rather rigid and blunt, which has probably offended some people around me.

    My feedback from my superiors and colleagues is that I am not detailed-oriented; indecisive, lacking a structural approach to problem solving; and lastly lacking consistency in finishing a task.

    I am actually quite worried now, but i am interested in this role since it allows me to present and socialize (connector + Output structure) and to train people.

    What and how should I do to improve myself given my bazi?

    Hope to hear from you as soon as possible, thanks.


    1. UncleBazi says:

      If you are looking for an industry that will give you the maximum opportunities, water industry is the one. Please email your date of birth & time of birth to me at Unable to comment much as your Bazi details are incomplete.


  4. GT says:

    Hi UncleBazi,

    manpower company or recruitment agency belongs to what element?

    1. UncleBazi says:

      I would classify it under the wood industry.

      1. GT says:

        Thank you UncleBazi for the reply.

        1. UncleBazi says:

          You are welcome.

  5. Jasmine says:

    Please help analyze my bazi. I drop you an email. Thanks a lot.

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Are you interested in getting a personalized Bazi Report covering your career, right industry, wealth, relationship and health? Please go my blog under services to find out more.


  6. Kevin Ng says:


    Water related field-strategists, thinkers. For example field ?


    1. UncleBazi says:


      Water field/industry like trading, FMCG, transport, logistics, shipping, courier service, journalism, consultancy and tourism.

      If you are interested more in your own destiny. Please go to check my services under the Service tab in my blog.


  7. Kevin says:

    Hi Uncle Bazi,

    Wanna ask is it the hidden stem or the earth branch refer to your career fields?

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Hidden stem of month pillar refers to the industry that will give the maximum opportunities.

      Thank you for reading my blog.


  8. Kevin says:

    Hi Uncle Bazi, is there another way to find career path? My Bazi Chart has many fire, does that mean my favourable element is water? I am ren water.

    Thank you

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Kevin,

      The another way is find your favorable element which in your case is water. However, water industry will not give you maximum opportunities as it is weak in your chart.


  9. Kevin Ng says:


    My Month Pillar (Ji , Hai , {Ren, jia}). Currently I’m doing insurance as Agent and my month pillar didn’t have earth element. It’s mean i didn’t have affinity in this career ?

    Thank you very much

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Kevin,



  10. Rey says:

    Hi Uncle Bazi,
    Hour Xin Si
    Day Yi You
    Month Gui Wei
    Year Geng Wu

    Which industry should i focus in my career ? I’m thinking of freelancing in creative media. Any advice ? Thanks

    1. UncleBazi says:


      Fire, Wood and Earth industries will give you maximum opportunities/return. Creative media is under Fire Industry,hence will give you the maximum opportunity.
      Why not get your own Bazi Report which you can refer from time to time. Please go to my blog to check my Bazi Report package and my fee under the service tab.



  11. Jacky says:

    Hi Uncle Bazi, I am a Male
    Hour Wu Wu
    Day Wu Zi
    Month Geng Wu
    Year Jia Zi

    Which industry should i focus in my career ? I’m doing carton box manufacturing and planning to change because i dont feel good doing with many workers. Any advice ? Thanks

    1. Jacky says:

      I also have DE in month pillar does it mean that i wont do well in big moon cake which is Fire related industry? if it is not what should i do well in?

      1. UncleBazi says:


        DE means that the energy is reduced by 50%, you need to work hard to fill up the DE and enlist help of noble people to increase the energy level. If you done that Fire industry will still give the maximum opportunities.


    2. UncleBazi says:


      You can purchase your career report at Please go to Service tab at my blog to check out various report services offered by me.

      Thank you for your interest.


  12. Gan says:

    Hi Uncle Bazi,

    Thanks for the informative site. I am also JY follower, glad that you make quite a few things clearer after reading your way of explaination.

    there’s something that confused me, I am a bing fire, and my earth month pillar is OX, which means I am a weak fire, but the hidden stem of OX suggested that I am suitable in “xin, JI, gui” industry. wouldnt it be like dilemma, where by I need more wood to keep me on fire since I am weak, but on other side, I need to be on earth, metal, water as my career field? hope can get answer from u.. Thanks !

    my bazi is

    1. UncleBazi says:


      Your questions require detailed analysis. You can do a written consult with me. Please go to my blog at and check out the various report packages I offered under the service tab.

      Thanks for your interest in Bazi.


  13. K says:

    Hi, which industries is most suitable for me? Chemical/ice cream/pharmaceutical industry falls under which element?

    And which luck pillar is the worst and best for my life?

    D.O.B: 22/5/1995
    T.O.B: 10:43AM
    Birthplace : Singapore (GMT +8)

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Metal, Fire and Earth industries will give you maximum opportunities. Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries fall under Fire industries. Ice cream is under Water industry.
      Please go to my service tab at to check out the various report packages offered by me.


  14. chad says:

    Hello, if Industry is based on hidden element of Month pillar, is the job role based on the dominant 10 gods?

  15. paul says:

    Hi Unclebazi

    I read your article on career. Shouldn`t we look at the useful god too for that purpose. Not sure I have a follow leader chart but would like to hear your advice on career.Some people say I have a follower chart others that it`s fake follow or weak. But I can tell you i was born with a talento for drawing comics but gave up in my teens for music. Now I teach english but its irregular work.I like to make music

    9 jan 62 14.15 wei hour

    Ding ding xin xin
    Weii wei chou chou

    Kind thanks

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi, For job role or talent we look at useful god. For the industry that will give you the maximum opportunities or return, we look at the hidden stem of the month pillar. No, you do not have a follow leader chart. Your ten god which is EG is in your hidden stem which explains your passion/talent in arts and music.


  16. ves says:

    Could you clarify which are the earth-metal related industries? I’m a jia wood, born in you month (weak DM). The dominant element in my chart is earth. Currently I work in education and it is not very fulfiling.

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi, the earth related industries are properties, real estates, natural resources, insurance, cement, bricks, and building materials. You can consider the earth industry which can give more opportunities and rewards than your current career. If you are interested to know about career and wealth, you can go to to buy your career and wealth reports which will have an in-depth analysis in both areas.

      Thank you.

  17. Eugene says:

    Another bazi sifu teaches the career with maximum returns is based on dominant element in the chart versus your example based on hidden stems.

    Example if my chart has many earth element then maximum returns will be earth careers.

    Noticed your method is different from the other one. Any reason?

    1. UncleBazi says:


      I look at the dominant element in the hidden stem of the month pillar as the month pillar represents career/business. If the hidden stem is earth in your month pillar then you should be in the earth industry to get maximum opportunities and returns. Dominant element means the energy in the element is strong which means there are maximum opportunities in that particular industry. Different Bazi sifu teaches different techniques as it depends on which master they learned from.

      Please go to to check out the career report.


  18. chad says:

    Hello UncleBazi,

    You mentioned there could be challenges in the Industry because dominant element is unfavourable.
    Will it also be challenging to take a job position belonging to most dominant 10 god?
    for e.g.
    Wood is main element in hidden stem of Month branch, so maximum opportunities is in Wood Industry. Wood represent direct resource.

    Which would have the challenges
    – Taking up a direct resource job role
    OR Working in Wood industry?


    1. UncleBazi says:

      The dominant element refers to industry only. The ten gods refer to the job role. Working in the dominant industry will be challenging but not the job role as represented by the ten gods.

      Please visit to check the report on career and wealth.


  19. Alex says:

    Hi, Uncle Bazi.

    I have a question in regard to book publishing industry. I know that normally and traditionally, writing and publishing books is regarded as the wood industry as when you write you use paper and when you publish the manuscript into books, you require papers as well. But with the current market of eBook publishing, especially those sold online like Amazon, the Apple iBooks stores as well as Kobo and Google Play where people sell, buy, and read their fiction/non-fiction via their ipad, iphone, and laptop, wouldn’t that be more regarded as a fire industry? Becuase you’re using the computer and internet to write, sell and buy books?

    Also, with writing as well. Before, yes authors write their manuscripts on paper, but now I would say everyone writes their work on a laptop using Microsoft Words or equivalent software. That would also be fire, too, wouldn’t it?

    Or is book writing and publishing form the wood element base on something else and not how it is functioned? By using paper?


    1. UncleBazi says:


      Yes, e-book is classified under Fire industry. Anything related to technology and internet is considered Fire industry. If you print and sell the books in the book stores then it is under Wood industry.


  20. Linda says:

    What industry is physiotheraply classified under?

    1. UncleBazi says:


      It is under Earth industry.

      Best regards

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