How to Read Offline?

Are you someone who commutes regularly?

Are you someone who is tired of having poor Internet connection whenever you are travelling on the highway?

Have you ever wondered how to read offline to make full use of your time?

No Internet


If your answer to any of this question is YES, Pocket is the solution to your problem!Pocket


Interested in Using Pocket?

Check out the step- by- step guidelines written by me on how to install Pocket into your devices!

How Pocket transformed me into a more productive person?

#1: The Distracted Student -> The Self- Disciplined Student

Have you ever tell yourself you will just take a 5 minutes break on Facebook after a long study session? Only to find out that your 5 minute have become 15 minutes instead (or even more!).

Distracted by Facebook

As a Gen Y who is actively on Facebook, I usually found myself drowned in a sea of articles shared by my friends online. Due to my curiosity, I love to read the articles immediately as I fear I might forget about them later on. (Let’s be honest, who doesn’t?)


With Pocket, all I need to do is save the article by clicking on the extension tab in my browser, and VIOLA! The articles are ready for me to read whenever I want, wherever I want. I usually try to save as many articles as I can before I start travelling, to make sure I won’t be bored by the enormous time spent in public transportation such as train and bus rides.


#2 The Hopeless Cook -> The Self- Employed Chef

Being a student studying in a country where the exchange rate is unfavorable towards me, cooking is the most famous option for students like us to save our money. However, not all of us are expert chefs. In fact, most of the students belonging to the Gen Y & Gen Z today had never even shop for ingredients before, let alone memorizing their traditional home-cooked recipe passed down by their ancestors.



The Solution? Create my own recipe book!

Step 1: Decide my menu.

Step 2: Google the recipe for the dishes, including the ingredients and cooking steps.

Step 3: Save the webpage of the recipe to Pocket.

Usually, I have a personal preference of adding a tag on what type of cuisine it is for future reference. (Western, Chinese, Malaysian …)

Step 4: Head towards the nearest supermarket and buy the ingredients, using the page I saved earlier as a Shopping List.

Step 5: Prepare and cook the ingredients, viewing the recipe from my mobile phone/ tablet nearby.

Step 6: Enjoy my meal!


Sounds pretty simple, right? The only risk? Choosing the correct recipe online~ I had a lot of trial and error before deciding which recipe works out for me. But, no complaints there! After all, taste of food is subjective to individual preference, right?


#3 The Sleepless Guy -> The Focused Guy

Being an university student, I definitely have my fair share of “essay crisis” where I have to stay up late at night to complete my assignment. Personally, whenever I read a certain web page, it will have the so called “Related Articles” which opens up tabs after tabs. At the end of the day, my web browser will be filled with so many tabs that I haven’t finish. However, being a near- perfectionist, I don’t want to just shut down and forget about all these tabs.



Before I discovered Pocket, I used to save all these tabs to my bookmark. After a year, I have so many bookmarks that I couldn’t differentiate which page belongs to which project.


With Pocket, now all I have to do is save these tabs to Pocket (of course, I will add a tag to differentiate what are the subjects) and go to sleep with a peaceful mind. Because deep down in my heart, I know I can easily resume where I left off the next morning while having my morning coffee.

Pocket- An App You Must Have

Overall, the existence of Pocket have simplified my lifestyle a lot! Of course, how you want to use Pocket may be different from how I used Pocket. If you have any particular preference for using Pocket, share it with us here so that we can benefit the whole community! Feel free to ask any questions if you don’t understand any part of using Pocket! Hope you have benefited greatly from this post! 🙂


PocketInterested in Using Pocket?

Check out the step- by- step guidelines written by me on how to install Pocket into your devices!

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12 thoughts on “How to Read Offline?

  1. SIM OOI hong says:

    interested to know more

    1. Christopher says:

      Dato, thank you for your support! Please do let me know which aspects do you want to understand more! I will gladly blog about the latest technology that can help to solve your problems! Hope to hear from you soon!^^

  2. Branka says:

    I found myself here! I am also sea of tabs kind of person. This sounds like very simple and life saving solution. I love these funny pictures! I can relate to facebook one too hahaha!!! Thank you for this very useful info! I am sure your future post will be amazing too! I will definitely try it out. Cheers!

    1. Christopher says:

      Thank you for your encouragement! This is my first time creating those pictures! I hope Pocket will be lifesaver for you as much as it has been for me!^^

  3. Chris says:

    This sounds pretty cool but I have to be honest – I don’t really know what the technology is or how it works? I’ve gone through the article and I would love to know more about what it’s basis is – does the app cost anything or is it free? Does it have a one time payment? Is it both apple and android based?
    Cheers for your response in advance!

    1. Christopher says:

      Hi Chris!

      It is a free version and a pro version! You can find out more about the difference between the free version and the paid version here: (scroll to the end). You can also find payment details here too!

      However, in my personal opinion, the free version works more than enough for me~ I been using this app since December last year and I still haven’t found much reason to upgrade to the pro version.

      My suggestion, perhaps give the free version a try first? Hope you find this helpful!

  4. Vladimir says:

    Hi there Chris,

    Your post is very interesting and your step-by-step guidelines on how to install Pocket is very informative. I also have the same experience of having multiple bookmarks in my browser and reading your post really caught my attention and maybe I will try to use the Pocket App. Now I could also organize my bookmarks and also I could read my bookmarked articles even if I am offline.

    Do you have any productivity apps for Android that you already tried that you could also suggest?


    1. Christopher says:

      Definitely! I am a fan of productivity apps myself- Evernote, Todoist, Google Calendar, IFTTT… Whatever you name it! I will definitely introduce more useful productivity apps in the future! Stay tuned till then!

      p.s: Is it alright if I were to invite you to subscribe to my website when I have the settings done? It will help me to make sure that nobody got left up in learning more about prodcutivity apps (especially the free and useful ones!)

  5. Beng Hock says:

    Wow! Wonderful sharing, Chris. I am a frequent traveller. Sometimes I encountered weak wifi connection or no wifi in certain area and will be pullling my hairs to release my frustration. Pocket will come to my rescue especially if I have saved those interesting articles for reading. Bravo! Keep posting.

    1. Christopher says:

      Glad to hear that Pocket can help to prevent hair loss! (There’s really a first time for everything~ haha~) Stay tuned for more posts!^^

  6. Shawn Cushen says:

    I had never heard of Pocket until just now. It sounds like a really useful app. Just the other day, I was trying to figure out how to organize my bookmarks into folders so I could go back later and access specific sites and posts when needed. It sounds like this might be just the solution to my endless bookmarks! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Christopher says:

      Your welcome! Glad to help! More good stuff to come!^^

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