Ip Man 3- Do you fight for what is right?


Ipman 3

I really enjoyed watching Ip Man 3,  I think this is the best of the Ip Man trilogy. Besides the good action, it also has a beautiful story about humility, honor, love and family.  It is about a story of how one man with the right values can make a difference in life. He made choices that defined him as a man, father, husband, teacher and most importantly an inspiring leader. The story of IP Man 3 is about how Ip Man tried to protect his son’s school from being taken over by a band of brutal gangsters led by a crooked property developer. Ip Man is forced to take a stand. He would stand watch at the entrance of the school until late at night while his wife and child were worrying about him at home and waiting for him to come back. There are three main things we can learn from Ip Man.

  • Be an inspiring leader in society, work and family
  • Be Humble-learning Wing Chun is not about being the best fighter
  • Being around with your loved ones is more important than anything else

Please go and watch the movie if you have not seen it.

The actor, Donnie Yen who play the role of Ip Man has an estimated net worth of USD40million. Let us examine the Bazi Chart to see when he achieved his career breakthrough and his successes. Please print your Bazi chart here.


Donnie Yen

Bazi Chart Of Donnie Yen


LP of Donnie Yen

Luck Pillar Of Donnie Yen


Ten Profile of Donnie Yen

Ten Profiles of Donnie Yen


His Day Master is Yin Metal. He is born in the season of summer where the fire is prosperous and earth is strong. Strong Yin Metal Day Master favors Water(Output), Wood(Wealth) and Fire(Influence) elements. His favorable elements are Water(His Output-skills/talents), Wood(his wealth) and Fire(his fame and status). Based on his hidden stems in the month pillar(his career), there are 7K, IR and IW stars which are his values for his career. The 7K star gives him his aggression, his love for the challenge and his fighting abilities which he scored 80%. IR gives him the resource and ability to learn and master martial arts from various fields which he scored 100%. It is important to note that Chinese martial arts also involved a lot of philosophies and unconventional ideas. IW gives him his wealth, strategic moves and his entrepreneurship in movies.

He achieved his breakthrough in his role as a general in the movie called “Once Upon A Time in China II” in 1992 when he was 29 years old. He was in his favorable Luck Period of Yang Fire over Yang Earth from 26 to 35 years. The following year he appeared in a lead role in “Iron Monkey” in 1993.

He became more famous in when he starred in IP Man in 2008 which grossed over USD21.9 million in ticket sales when he was in his favorable Wealth Luck Period of Yin Wood over Yin Wood, a pure wood period from the age of 36 to 45 years which is his Indirect Wealth Period where he made a lot of money from the movie. In 2007 and 2008 he also won many Hong Kong film awards -Dragon Tiger Gate, Flash Point.

In 2009, he entered into another favorable Luck Period of pure Yang Wood over Yang Wood, another Wealth Period of DW from the age of 46 to 55 years. In 2010, Ip Man 2 was released and it grossed over USD14.9million. He continued to earn mega bucks when IP Man 3 released in 2015 grossed over USD32.1million worldwide. He has also received many more film awards for Ip Man in 2009, Bodyguards and Assassins in 2010, Legend of the Fist:Return of Chen Zhen, The Lost Bladesman, Dragon in 2011, Special ID in 2014, The Monkey King and Kung Fu Jungle in 2015. His coming Luck Period of Water is another block of his favorable period from the age of 56 to 75 years old.

He will become more wealthy and has more box office hits in 2019 when Pig in 2019 formed a double three combination with Rabbit and Goat in his natal chart to produce a Wood Structure. For a Yin Metal Day master, Wood represents his wealth. Please click here and like Digidentz at Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “Ip Man 3- Do you fight for what is right?

  1. hisham harun says:

    Hi there Uncle Bazi,

    When a Xin Metal is born during Summer, isn’t he weak rather than strong since Fire destroys Metal?

    1. UncleBazi says:

      He is born during end of Summer season where the Fire Qi is diminishing. His Yin Metal DM is seated on its reservoir as directly below it is the element that produces it. In his case Yin Metal DM is seated above a Goat Earthly Branch, which represents Yin Earth. Now, Yin Earth produces Yin Metal, right? The Yin Earth in his month pillar is also strongly rooted. An element in the Heavenly Stem is considered rooted, when it has identical element as the Main Qi in hidden stem. In his case, Yin Earth in the Heaven stem is rooted in Yin Earth in the hidden stem. In view of the above, his Yin Metal DM is considered strong.

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