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Valentine day has passed recently. Tomorrow is Chap Goh Meh which marked the end of the Chinese New Year. Incidentally, Chap Goh Meh which is the fifteen day of Chinese New Day is also known as the Chinese Valentine Day. Coincidentally, this year’s Valentine Day and Chap Goh Meh are in the month of February. In the olden days, single ladies are only allowed to got out on Chap Goh Meh. Please also read my blog on “How to select a compatible partner”.

In Penang, the popular place where they gathered was Gurney Drive and Esplanade which are near the sea. Traditionally single ladies will throw oranges into the sea with the beliefs that they will find a soul mate. Now this practice has been modernized with single ladies throwing oranges with phone numbers or email addresses to guys sitting in the boat near the sea off Gurney Drive on the Chap Goh Meh’s night. Please also read my blog on “Assessment of Wealth Capacity“.

In Bazi, there is a way to check whether you will have the affinity in romance or love. To start with, you need to check whether you have the “Peach Blossom” star in your destiny chart. “Peach Blossom” star refers to ability or power to attract another person usually of the opposite sex.

1)”Peach Blossom” stars.

There are four “Peach Blossom” stars. They are :-

  • Rabbit
  • Rooster
  • Rat
  • Horse

To check whether you have the “Peach Blossom” stars or not, please go to print your Bazi chart.

Once you have printed your chart, please check where the stars appear in the chart. The “Peach Blossom” stars can appear in the Year, Month, Day and Hour Pillar. If it appears in the Year Pillar, it means that you will attract someone when you attend a public function or event. Someone in your Facebook also will be attracted to you. If the “Peach Blossom” star appears in the Month Pillar, it means that you will attract someone at your office and workplace. The person can also be your customers, suppliers, colleagues and your superiors. If it is in the Day Pillar, it means someone who visits you or your brother’s and sister’s friends who come to your house will be attracted to you. Or the guests who attended the Open house party thrown by your parents during the recent Lunar New Year. If it is in the Hour Pillar, it means that your ideas or thoughts will attract people to you. For this to work, you must have very interesting ideas.

2)The Spouse Star.

Besides the “Peach Blossom Star”, another criteria you need to have is the spouse star. For a man, his spouse or wife star is  Direct Wealth or DW. His secondary spouse star or girlfriend star is Indirect Wealth or IW. Please read my blog on “Are Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie destined to divorce”.

For a woman, her spouse or husband star is Direct Officer(DO). Her secondary spouse or boyfriend star is Seven Killings  or 7K.

Ideally, the spouse star must be located in the hidden stem of the Day Pillar which is also known as the Spouse Palace. In the absence of the spouse star, the secondary spouse will be the backup star for spouse star.

If the spouse star appears in the Year Pillar, he/she will meet her spouse during public function or event. If it appears in the Month Pillar meaning he/she will meet her spouse at the office or workplace or customers, colleagues, suppliers, and superiors. If it appears in the Day Pillar, he/she will meet her spouse at his/her house. Either through house party,  could be friends of brothers and sisters who came to visit them. If it appears in the Hour Pillar, he/she will meet her spouse at an older age. The spouse star also can appear in the Annual Pillar or Ten-Year Luck Period. When it appear in the Annual Pillar or Luck Period, if you like the person, you have to get your friends to introduce the person to you.

Many readers have asked about finding their soul mates and marrying one. I hope the above explanation will help you to find and meet your soul mates. When can wedding or marriage take place?  The following  factors need to be considered-

  1. When your Day Master combines with the element in the Annual Year Pillar or Luck Pillar.
  2. When your animal sign in the Spouse Palace combines with animal sign in the Luck Pillar or Annual Year Pillar
6 comb

Six Earthly Branches Combination

Three Harmony Combination

Three Harmony Combination

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30 thoughts on “Month Of Love

  1. J.Li says:


    What does it mean if my DO star isn’t located in the day pillar? My DO star Ding Fire is at the year pillar as the heavenly stem on top of the peach blossom star, rabbit (Mao). Also, the boyfriend star 7K is one of the hidden stems in the day pillar. Here’s my bazi:

    Hour: Gui Wei
    Day: Geng Yin
    Month: Jia Chen
    Year: Ding Mao

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi, If your DO and Peach blossom star are at the year pillar, it means the likelihood of you meeting your soulmate in public and social events is high. If you have 7K, a secondary husband star in the hidden stem of the day pillar, it means the relationship with your spouse will be less loving compared to DO which is true husband star in the day pillar.

      1. J.Li says:

        Thank you for the explanation, UncleBazi! Interesting, I didn’t realize you could know so much from just where those stars are in the chart. I guess the 7K & DO are in the wrong spots in my chart, haha. Oh yeah, I also have the DO in the hidden stems under my hour pillar…..

      2. K.M says:

        Hi unclebazi,

        With regards to the above, you mean less loving compared to what and in what sense?

        1. UncleBazi says:

          Please email your questions to me at


  2. Sara says:

    Is that true, that soulmates will always have similar BaZi pattern?
    It breaks my heart when someone told me, our BaZi is way too different so we can’t be…
    I still wish I can find a way.

  3. imelda panjaitan says:

    I was born 29-9-1981…and some of computer callculated the month pillar’s wu xu but some said its ding you im comfused and which pillar should be accepted…and talk about my spouse star is ding and it s located in my xu just under my day pilar and the star was in the store this sound bad…and alsi i have ding in my hour pillar hs stem…thank s sir and very sorry for asking too much but i really neeed ur help as im fr indonesia and there s no many who good in interpreting bazi in my country

    1. UncleBazi says:


      Your month pillar is Ding You. Your husband star is represented by DO star which is Ding Fire. Your DO is in your spouse palace which is the palace below your Day Master. It is good to have the DO star in your spouse palace.You also a DO star in the heaven stem of the Month Pillar which next to your DM. You will have a loving relationship with your potential spouse.

      If you want to know more about your destiny, please go to check my services under the Service Tab in my blog.

      Thanks for your interest in Bazi.


  4. Aldebaran says:

    Hi. What about a woman born at 30 dec 1978 at 7:45 am?

    1. UncleBazi says:


      You do not meet the criteria to marry rich.


  5. GuiDay says:

    Hi, what about bazi : Bing Chen (Hr) Gui Chou (Day) Geng Yin (mth) Xin You (Yr). I cannot figure out who is the true spouse .Can you help ? Whether Bing Chen who has DO or Gui Chou (7K at spouse palace) is the true spouse.

    My analysis :
    -Both has combination with Xin You but will combine to be metal which is not good for Day Master as chart has too many metal resource. Or does it mean spouse connects well with parents ?
    – Late marriage since DO in hour. Marriage possibly take place in Rat years such as year 2020.
    – Spouse (not marriage) appears in luck pillars or annual years with Earth elements but need to have lesser metal or more Fire elements as chart is cold.
    – Spouse probably known from work as there are interaction at hidden stems from day hidden stems with month hidden stems ?
    – Spouse will provide support to day master as earth is the favourable / useful element?


    1. UncleBazi says:

      Please let me know your DOB & TOB for me to plot your chart. For privacy, you can email me at You can also check my Bazi services on my blog.

  6. Angela says:

    Hey UncleBazi regarding the two peach blossoms in my Bazi….

    I have a DO at the Hidden stems of my Day master but at the same time for my Month pillar, the Heavely stem is 7K and the Hidden stems is RW and HO? I’m confused as to what that means.

    Would it help if I give you my date of birth?

    June 14, 1995
    7:55 AM
    China, Guangzhou

    Any help would be truly appreicated, thank you.

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Angela,
      DO for a female represents husband and 7k represent boyfriend. DO in the hidden stem of the Day Pillar means there is potential for you to have a loving husband as Day Pillar represents the relationship. 7k in the heaven stem means you may meet or easily attract boyfriend at the workplace as Month Pillar represents career or workplace. 7k also represents problem-solving ability. RW in the hidden stem of your Day Pillar represents competitiveness and leadership. HO represents your potential/ability to express yourself and like to be popular and be in limelight at the workplace.

      It is better to get a copy of personalized Bazi Report instead of just getting bits and pieces of information. Please go to my blog and check the tab under service to see the various Bazi reports that I provide.

      Thank you.


  7. Angela says:

    Hey Uncle Bazi thanks for your reply, I really saw all the services that you provide…unfortunately, I’m at this point in my life where I have to provide financially for someone very important to me and barely have enough for myself…it really burdens me. I wish I can purchase one of your services but I do not have enough for myself sometimes. I was just wondering if you could still assist me with one last question I have? Would really appreciate it.

    H | D | M | Y
    壬 丙 壬 乙
    辰 子 午 亥

    As you can see there’s a clash of Zi Rat and Wu Horse in my Day and Month Pillar…I was wondering if that’ts bad for me financially? And Career wise?

    The Zi Rat in my Spouse Palace creates DO but Clashes with my Wu Horse, what does that imply ? Sorry I couldn’t provide anything back to you at all, but your help and kindness is appreciated.

    1. UncleBazi says:

      The actual clash with Horse will happen in the Rat Year in 2020. Clash with month pillar will affect your career and as your salary is from your career, your finances will be also affected. Clash means changes.Changes can be good or bad it depends on your current situation. Your Rat in your Day Pillar will clash with Horse only in Horse Year in 2026. Clash means potential problem with spouse in Horse year.


  8. Chad Nick says:

    Hi ,

    ” When your Day Master combines with the element in the Annual Year Pillar or Luck Pillar.
    When your animal sign in the Spouse Palace combines with animal sign in the Luck Pillar or Annual Year Pillar.. ”
    How does element combine ? What does it combine with ? thank you , Chad

    1. UncleBazi says:


      The table based on the animal signs combination in my blog will tell you which animal signs combine and the elements produced from the combination. For elements combination on top or the stems, they are as follows-Yang Wood + Yin Earth = Earth, Yin Wood + Yang Metal = Metal, Yang Fire + Yin Metal = Water, Yin Fire + Yang Water= Wood and Yang Earth + Yin Water = Fire.


  9. Clover says:

    Hi Unclebazi,

    I am a female xin you DM, what would be the meaning if my DO at heavenly stem is in hour pillar sitting on Rob Wealth? Does My Day master combine with the DO?

    1. UncleBazi says:


      DO in heavenly stem in hour pillar sitting at RW means probably you will marry late and husband likes to spend money.
      Yes, your DM of Xin will combine with your Yang Fire DO.


  10. allegiant says:


    My birthday is november 18 1987 7.30 am.Is there a possibility if getting married or meeting someone this year?hoping for reply.tnx

  11. Lyx says:

    Hi unclebazi,

    This is my DOB: Feb 15, 1995. 5.01pm.
    Just want to know if I got good husband luck ? Becos my aunt analyzed my d.o.b and said I have high chances of divorce and will have to marry late. Is it true ?

    But I have a 7k in the hidden stem of my day pillar and a DO in the hidden stem of my year pillar…

    Any help will be appreciated.


    1. UncleBazi says:

      Yes, it is better for you to marry late as you have the potential to marry rich at an older age. For an in-depth analysis of your Bazi chart, please visit to check out the various Bazi report packages offered by UncleBazi.

      Thanks for reading my blog.


  12. Rac says:

    Hi, just for reference. Hope to hear from you, if my Boyfriend’s birth date is 17 October 1980 and my birth date is 21 June 1988. Will we have chances of marriage in future ?

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Rac,

      This one requires detailed analysis of both charts for relationship compatibility which I cannot do it for free. Please go to to check out the relationship report which may be of interest to you.


  13. Germain says:

    My DOB is 20 Jan 1980. TOB : 21:38. I wish to know about two things:
    1. Career prospects. I’m a uni lecturer
    2. When & how will I meet my spouse? Will we have a good marriage & relationship?


    1. UncleBazi says:

      1)A career in the metal, earth, and water industry will give the maximum opportunities and returns.
      2)2020 is one of the possible years, the second part required the chart of your potential spouse, if based on your chart alone the answer is no.

      Please visit to check out the report on the relationship.


  14. WAN SEK CHOON says:

    Hi UncleBazi,

    if a lady does not have both DO and 7K, means its very difficult for her to find a spouse. But can she still establish a intimate relationship that doesnt need to get married ??

    1. UncleBazi says:

      If a lady has both DO & 7k, she still can find a spouse and get married. I do not see any problem for her to establish a close relationship and get married. I have seen many such cases in my consult and they are happily married.
      Please visit to check report on the relationship.


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