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A little more on my background. Growing up in Penang, I graduated from University Malaya with a degree in Accounting. I started my first job as an external auditor, before joining the banking industry. During my banking career, I met and talked to many rich successful businessmen on their successes. I was curious on how they became so successful and rich in their business. After several “Teh Tarik” sessions with them, I found out that most of them practiced Fengshui and Bazi in both their business and daily life. I was then fascinated with Fengshui and Bazi and started to read and find more about the subject.

Hence, I decided to pursue the subject further by studying under two well known Fengshui masters in 2010. If there’s one thing I learnt from my 30+ years in the banking industry, it is the fact that one have to constantly practice in order to be a master. I started with my house and family, then relatives, neighbors, staff, colleagues, bosses and friends. Miraculously, I saw changes and transformation happened to them. Their career, wealth, relationship and health have somehow mysteriously improved.

Today, I regard myself as a destiny consultant with vast experience and knowledge in wealth, career related matters and banking. My goal in life to continue to help and transform everyone to be a better person through my knowledge of Fengshui and Bazi. I know not everyone believes in Chinese metaphysics and astrology but I have seen enough evidence to convince myself that it works and not some made-up story by people from the past. I will leave it to you to decide for yourself whether this is something worth trying out~ After all, you are in control of your own destiny


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