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First and foremost, you have to find out from your children perspective whether they view you as supporting parents or not. You can talk to them and get their views but more often than not they will not tell you the truth. I have discovered that the easy way is to check their Bazi chart. Please read my blog on “Assessment of Wealth Capacity“.

Look at their day master first. The Day Master is the most important reference point for Bazi analysis.  Day master is basically your day of birth. It denotes your basic nature and character. Each individual is unique according to his or her respective Day Master. It signifies your personality and character traits, qualities, talents, strengths and weaknesses in terms of character, career, relationships and wealth. There are two ways to check from the children’s perspective whether you are supporting parents or not.

1)Same element-
First is to check your children’s chart to see whether their day master has the same element as the heaven stem of the month pillar. For example, if their day master is Yang Wood, check the heaven stem on month pillar as month pillar represents parents to see whether the element is same as day master. If there are of the same element, Yang Wood, they will view you as a supporting parent. If not, the are of the perspective that you are not a supporting parent.

Unleash children potential

Chart showing same element for both Day & Month Pillar

2)Growth element-
Check the element in the heaven stem in the month pillar whether it can grow the element in the child’s day master. For example, if the day master of the child is Yang Metal and the heaven stem in the month pillar is Yang Earth, it means Earth produces Metal, hence the child will see you as a supportive parent.


Chart showing element in the Month Pillar grows element in Day Pillar

Children go through various phases of development from the day they are born to adulthood. From age of 0 to 7 years old, they focus on self determination. In Bazi chart, you just focus on the day master of the child and see what character or personality traits he/she has. There are ten day masters in the study of Bazi. They are Yang Wood, Yin Wood, Yang Fire, Yin Fire, Yang Earth, Yin Earth, Yang Metal, Yin Metal, Yang Water and Yin water.

Yang Wood-

Positive traits

Charming, sociable, straight forward, persevering, independent steady, dependable, principled, determined, productive, strong and accountable.
Negative traits

Self-interested, calculative, competitive, jealous and suspicious, defensive, conservative, inflexible, resistant to change, stubborn, rigid, tactless and no over display of feelings.

Yin Wood-

Positive traits

Adaptive, flexible, creative, intelligent, people person, survivalist, problem solver, articulate and swift thinking

Negative traits

Fickle-minded, non-committal, emotional, inconsistent, cunning, greedy, vindictive, controlling and overly dependent of others.

Yang Fire-

Positive traits-

Independent, generous, vivacious, noble, sincere, passionate, resilient, warm, friendly and committed.

Negative traits

Proud, egoistic, distant, easily bored, loner, jealous, tendency to be taken advantage of.

Yin Fire-

Positive traits-

Meticulous, good motivator, adaptive, warm, friendly and intelligent

Negative traits

Fickle-minded, temperamental, overly dependent, greedy, needy and sarcastic.

Yang Earth-

Positive traits

Solid, steady, reliable, trustworthy, loyal, protective, sincere and tough.

Negative traits

Stubborn, inflexible, procrastinator, secretive, slow, insensitive, inability to express feelings and thoughts well and tendency to be lazy.

Yin Earth-

Positive traits

Nurturing, kind-hearted, resilient, forgiving, trustworthy, resourceful, optimistic, sensitive to feeling of others.

Negative traits

Inflexible, slow, procrastinator, secretive, insensitive,inability to express feelings and thoughts as well.

Yang Metal-

Positive traits

Altruistic, strong, dependable, principled, honest, tough, competitive, persevering and decisive.

Negative traits

Inflexible, hasty, gullible, rigid, stubborn, egoistic, proud and aggressive.

Yin Metal-

Positive traits

Tough, creative, honest, just, intelligent, competitive and value relationship.

Negative traits

Proud, jealous, inflexible, egoistic, noisy, difficult to handle and overly sentimental.

Yang Water-

Positive traits

Adaptive, on the go, strong, adventurous, intelligent, action-oriented and competitive.

Negative traits

Forceful, temperamental, secretive, fickle, brash, easily distracted, rebellious and overly emotional.

Yin Water-

Positive traits

Creative, nurturing, intuitive, intelligent and sensitive to feelings of others.

Negative traits

Indecisive, fickle, easily distracted, inconsistent, paranoid, temperamental and overly sensitive.

For example, if your child’s day master is a Ren or Yang Water, he or she likes to run around, usually robust, intelligence and noisy. If they are Yin Metal, they like to talk, arrogant, like to challenge, not friendly. For Yang Earth child, he or she is normally quiet, not active, like to feel secure and very secretive. For Yin Earth, he or she is multi-talented, resourceful, creative, likes to learn and able to absorb information. For Yin Wood child, he or she is very cunning. At this age, it is the period of self discovery. Let them run and play if they want to but as parents we have to ensure their safety.

From age of 7 to 14 years, the children will focus on emotion. From the bazi chart, the child’s emotion can be checked by looking at the earth branch(highlighted in yellow in below Bazi Chart) of the hour pillar. If Earth is in the earth pillar in the hour pillar, then it means he/she likes to feel secure, hence safety, certainty and security are very important to them. If Metal is in the earth branch of the hour pillar, feeling right is very important. If it is Wood, feeling good is important. If it is water, then having fun and joy are important to them. If it is fire, then winning is very important to them. By know your child emotional needs and feeling, it would be easier to motivate them, manage or influence them. The best activity for them is drawing as they can express their emotion through drawing and painting.


Bazi Chart- Look at Hour Pillar at Earth branch for emotion

Wealth element is an important element in the child’s chart. Wealth element besides representing money, also represents father, ownership and values. This is important as father plays an important in shaping the value system of a child. The absence of father in the upbringing of the child will also affect the children’s self value and confidence when they reach adulthood. Do not belittle the presence of father in the daily upbringing of the child. Do not leave the upbringing of children to mother only, father also has an important role to play. Resource element represents the mother. It is better for the child’s bazi to have both wealth and resource elements as it represents father and mother will play an important supporting role or their presence are very important to the child’s life.

Resource also represents education. Based on the child’s chart, we can decide whether he/she is more suited to traditional education or better for him/her to study in international school or unconventional education like metaphysical science, artistic skills or specialized field of study. If your child has a lot of Direct Resource(DR) in his/her Bazi chart, it is better for him/her to pursue traditional education. If there are many Indirect Resource stars in the chart, better to enroll him/her in international school or unconventional education.

From age of 14 to 21 years old, they start to develop their logical thinking and problem solving. This is the good time to check their Bazi Structure and ten Bazi profiles. Bazi structure helps you to understand your children behavior and attitude, your children modus operandi, towards the people and events in your world.

Every individual has a unique Bazi profile. Profile represents our personal frame of reference that comprises our attitudes, assumptions and expectations concerning ourselves, other people and life. Essentially, it refers to the roles that we play in the world. Please print Print Chart here.

Five structures:-

There are five structures in total, namely Managers(Wealth), Creators (Output), Supporters (Influence), Connectors (Companion) and Thinkers (Resource).

5 structures

Five structures

1)Wealth (Manager) Structure-

The Wealth structure type person is independent self-confident, responsible, results driven, hard working, bottom line centric. They are exceeding practical, supremely grounded and horribly efficient. These no-nonsense, frequently authoritative types do not mince their words, have a low tolerance for excuses or foolishness and believe it is entirely possible to achieve efficiency and efficacy. They are control driven and tend to micro-manage.

2)Output (Creators) Structure-

This type of person is creative, big picture person, visionary, dreamer,evangelist, daredevil, rebel with a cause, hyper-confident, innovative, energetic, reform driven. They are performance driven people who thrive under the glare of spotlight. They love presenting, pitching, brain-storming, making something from zero to hero. They get a thrill from coming up with unique, over the top concepts and ideas. They tend to be stubborn, argumentative and demanding.

3)Companion (Connectors) Structure-

This type of person is persuasive, sociable, chatty, smooth operator, net worker extraordinaire, competitive, strong willed, egotistical, hyper-confident, team-work centric, natural salesperson, outgoing and altruistic. Their motivation in life comes from seeing everything as a race. There is a tendency to be disorganized, last minute, lack a systematic approach, and make decision spontaneously. This profile is also very susceptible to peer pressure.

4)Influence (Supporter) Structure-

This type of person is likeable, pleasing, consensus driven, compliant, anti-conflict, sensitive, precise, cooperative, thorough, execution driven, peace makers, middle managers, diplomatic, tactful. This type of person never steps out of line and always knows his/her place in life. They are never extreme, and always rock-steady in everything they do. This profile tends however to shy away from taking the lead and prefers not to rock the boat in any way.

5)Resource (Thinkers) Structure-

This type of person is always questioning, analysis driven, thinkers rather than doers, methodical, thorough, knowledgeable, well-read, micro-picture people, cautious, precise, systematic, structured, orderly, balanced, patient, reliable and steady. He/she is the consummate adviser, always armed with all facts and figures. They do not operate well under pressure and have tendency to procrastinate.

Ten Profiles:-

Every individual has a unique Bazi profile. Profile represents our personal frame of reference that comprises our attitudes, assumptions and expectations concerning ourselves, other people and life. Essentially, it refers to the roles that we play in the world. There are ten profiles altogether-

Ten Profiles

Ten Profiles

1)The Director (Direct Wealth) Profile


Straightforward, responsible, thrifty, practical, careful, trustworthy, honest, objective, helpful, fair.


Impatient, dull, petty-minded, miserly, too careful and calculative, controlling, judgmental, argumentative, stubborn, hypercritical of others and nitpicking.

Suitable career

Good in career which involved people management, wealth management like property management, project management, controlling staff, cost control and reduction, finding fault, monitoring like auditing, accounting, taxation, law & public officials, religious authorities, artist/sport manager, financial management, operational managers, enforcers and reformers.

2)The Friend Profile


Honorable, brave, tough, strong-willed, independent, reliable, determined, thoughtful


Self-centered, egoistic, stubborn, cold, unsentimental, easily influenced, shuns the company and help of others.

Suitable career

Career could involved them in middleman role to bring assets or resources together like property agents, insurance agents, deal maker, broker, network marketing, event management, public relations, sales, marketing, professional team sports, entrepreneurship, negotiators, consultants, customer service, front-liners and top-level management.

They need to do some bootlegging and be strategic and always learn to say nice things that people like to hear, however truth is not necessary. They have to say nice things to get connected, become close friends or to become part of the inner circle of the rich and powerful so that they can get deals or privy information easily.


3)The Performer (Hurting Officer Profile)-


Witty, intelligent, confident, high self-esteem, eloquent, creative, spontaneous and charismatic.


Stubborn, rebellious, arrogant, impatient, possibly unkind and cruel.

Suitable career

Attention grabbing careers like performing arts and entertainment like acting, singing, dancing, motivational speaker, super sales man, branding, marketing, fashion designer, skilled professionals, consultants and educators. Usually they tend to grab the limelight during meetings and events. They know how to attract attention to themselves. They need to be popular, to be seen and to be heard at events and meetings. In their career, they are usually the performer or star. If you have this profile, you have to be be popular, outspoken and be seen at every events and meetings. You need to brand yourself to be successful.

4)The Analyzer (Direct Resource Profile)-


Analytical, smart, wise, well-educated/read, cultured, polite, charitable, gentle and tolerant, responsible and approachable.


Egoistic, self-centered, lethargic, naive, insecure, pretentious and impractical.

Suitable career

Career in academic and education field, research and development, financial analysts, fund managers, doctors, developers, policy makers, financial advisers, investors, economist, preachers, pastors, statistician, career which deals with data, facts and figures. Good to have specialized formula, special recipe like KFC, propriety knowledge as this will make you rich.

5)The Philosopher (Indirect Resource Profile)-


Intelligent, street-smart, observant, intuitive, creative thinker, interests in unconventional knowledge


Temperamental, unpredictable, self-centered, suspicious, prone to taking short cuts and lacks staying power.

Suitable careers

Careers in trends and pattern analysis, fund manager, career in metaphysics and unconventional careers. The person with this profile is very good in industry, economic and political trends analysis. Warren Buffett has this profile. Other career is in academics, education, finance, economics, sciences, arts, advisers, consultants, researchers, analysts, writers and artists.

6)The Warrior (Seven Killings Profile)-


Charismatic, commanding, robust, bold and daring, adventurous and determined.


Impulsive, demanding, pushy, ruthless, full of suspicion or hatred and lust for power

Suitable Career

Careers in job which involved challenges, trouble shooting, problem solving and fixing the company are good for them. They are good in tackling chaotic and disorganized conditions/problems in company which need cleaning up, restructuring or turnaround the company. Some extreme warrior profile go to the extent of creating problem and solve it to get attention and recognition. Other career can be in government, law, military, business/life/sports coaching and sports, solutions providers, leaders, managers and strategists.

7)The Artist (Eating God Profile)-


Artistic, optimistic, intelligent, merciful, generous, loyal and filial, courteous and gentle.


Opinionated, impractical, unrealistic, dislike being controlled, prone to being very laid back, indulgent, restless and egoistical.

Suitable Career

Career in writing, blogging, journalism, cooking, floral arrangement, wine appreciation, making movies, songs, food, drama and art & painting careers and behind the scene activity like website and internet business. Other careers are in academics and education field, researchers, critics, inventors and marketers.

8)The Pioneer (Indirect Wealth Profile)-


Sharp-witted, generous, risk-taker, open-minded, sociable, energetic, optimistic, purposeful, forthright and passionate.


Impatient, spendthrift, materialistic, lack follow through, confrontational, headstrong, forceful and careless.

Suitable Career

They are better of doing business as they are entrepreneur by nature.  They make good strategist and are good in organizing and planning. Other careers includes marketing, sales, branding, financiers, investors and consultants.

9)The Diplomat (Direct Officer Profile)-


Polite and eloquent, careful and conservative, diplomatic, fair, like able, righteous, compliant, not greedy, never step out of line and trustworthy.


Slow reflexes, slows down for others, fickle and indecisive, retreats in time of conflict, lack guts, do not take the lead, fear of offending people, too self conscious, low self esteem, appears to be timid or cowardly.

Suitable Career

Good in picking up details and able to look at fine print, detailed-oriented, system-oriented able to leverage on its existing system/structure and make it better and able to follow procedures, regulation and law. Suitable career-engineers, lawyers, surgeons, accountants, those involved in policy and standard operating procedures, human resource officers, politicians, customer service representatives, relationship managers, counselors, managers, doctors, nurses, medical personnel.

10)The Leader (Rob wealth Profile)-


Resilient, charismatic, proactive, inspiring, strong sense of self-belief and confidence, sociable and quick-witted.


Indignant, stubborn, self-centered, inflexible, forceful, possibly violent, sore loser, envious and extravagant.

Suitable Career

Usually, they are good leader. Normally, they are good in entertaining clients, friends and guests. Other career are in advertising, branding, sales, public relations, entertainment, event management, traders, investors and venture capitalists.


Based on the above, you can discover your children talents and skills through their day master, five structures and their Bazi profiles and unleash their potential. I have personally used the above technique to discover my children’s potential and unleash their potential to put them into their path of least resistant to wealth.

My elder son, Chris has a Diplomat (Direct Officer Profile) and he is currently pursuing his Master in Engineering course at Oxford University, England. Engineer falls under Diplomat(Direct Officer Profile). My younger son, Brandon has a Direct Wealth Profile, will be pursuing a course in Real Estate Management which is related to property management after his  SPM examination. Property management falls under Direct Wealth Profile.

We should use Bazi as a tool to help our children to unleash their potential through understanding them, supporting them physically and emotionally by engaging them from the day they are born until adulthood. Bazi has no connection to religion. We used Bazi as a tool to find out what are our choices and options in life for us and our children so that we can have better optics. Better optics will lead to better decision and better decision will lead to better life.

Please feel free to write/contact me if you need any assistance/consult to help profile your children. Please click here and like Digidentz at Facebook.




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14 thoughts on “Unleash your children potential

  1. Ang says:

    Hi Uncle Bazi,
    I have a daughter age 14 and right now in Secondary 2. I am asking her to go for Art Stream so that in future she can take the Bachelor of Finance and become Investment Analyst for a start. Meaning, she will need to be in the banking or investment industry. I am not sure whether this industry and also career is suitable for her. This is her profile:

    Day heavenly stem – Yang Water
    Month Heavenly stem & Earthly Branches- Yang Water
    Month hidden stem – Water, 7K

    Structures – Influence (Supporter)
    Profile – The Warrior (7 Killings profile)

    I really appreciated if Uncle Bazi will help to check her profile. This is important for her to be in the correct stream.

    Thanks again.

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Ang,
      1.Water industry will give your daughter the maximum opportunities.
      2.Water industry covers shipping,tourism, trading, transportation,journalism. wisdom related fields.
      3.Her profile is Warrior or 7K. Suitable job roles are high pressured jobs that required fighting spirit, in government or public sector, business/life/sports/coaching, solution provider, leader, manager, strategist.
      4.Remember industry and roles she can play are different. For example in IT industry, one can be in the role of accounts clerk, office boy, manager, sales executive, GM, engineer, etc. Hence do not confuse with roles and industry.


  2. david says:

    I have born 22th Oct 1971…what is my life ? Wealth..health..relationship with peers..family

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Please be more specific in your questions and email to me at unclebazi@digidentz.com


  3. david says:

    I live in Malaysia..will I be rich..my children

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Please be more specific in your questions and email to me at unclebazi@digidentz.com


  4. Yenny says:

    Hallo I would like to know what job is suitable for me? I born 19/04/1980 at 11.50am

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Career in earth industry will give you the maximum opportunities. If you are interested please go to my blog to check out my services.


  5. Olivia says:

    Hi Uncle Bazi.

    Am İ a supportive parent?
    Both my children have same element in month heavenly pillar as day master, but not of same sex. My son is yang metal and in his month heavenly pillar is yin metal. Same as my daughter. Will İ be a supportive parent to them?

    1. UncleBazi says:


      Please go to Service Tab in my blog to choose the required report. All questions will be answered in your report.

  6. tee says:

    Hi UncleBazi,
    Can you tell me about my wealth and career? What kind of jobs am i suitable ?
    19 may 1994

    Thank you for your time!

    1. UncleBazi says:


      Suitable career- Marketing/Branding, designer, consultant, speaker, educator & performing arts. You have many wealth stars but you have to work for it.

      If you are interested to know more about your wealth capacity, timing of your wealth luck, and career-industries that will give you the maximum return, please check out my services under the Service Tab in my blog.

      Thank you for reading my blog.


  7. Evolution says:

    Hi Uncle Bazi, I just discovered your blog. It is very interesting and informative 🙂

    As a child, there aren’t much people to guide me in study and career paths. So I always do my own research a lot and make my own decisions. Now as an adult, I encounter some career challenges… Hope you can give me some lights in direction.

    For 10 Profiles, I have The Pioneer 100%, The Director 88%, The Friend 78% and The Warrior 70%.

    For 5 Structures, I have Wealth (Manager) at 100.

    For BaZi, DayMaster is Yin Earth. I have 3 Earth, 2 Water, 2 Wood, 1 Fire, 0 Metal. Pure Yin in all 8 elements. Female here.

    Under Month Pillar, Hidden Stems are: Metal (EG), Earth in the middle (F), Water (IW)

    Under Day Pillar, Hidden Stems are totally similar (strange) as Month Pillar: Metal (EG), Earth in the middle (F), Water (IW)

    My current job roles are graphic design and marketing communications, in the security industry. But I am thinking to not do graphic design, and go into digital marketing or marketing communications or branding in my next job, probably next year. Also consider consultant role. Industries considered are: hotels, tourism, properties. I aspire to be an entrepreneur as my life goal but think I’m not ready yet.

    1) Do you think this jump into marketing/marcom, and into any of these 3 industries will be good for me/max my potentials? If not, what do you recommend (I am actually waiting for a promotion this year, but company situation recently changed and I am not sure now if I will get it end of this year)

    2) If I have no Metal element, and I have only 1 Fire element, does it mean I should totally avoid Metal and Fire industry, and focus in Earth industry?

    Any advices will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Uncle Bazi.

    1. UncleBazi says:

      The industries that will give the maximum opportunities are Earth, Metal & Water. From your Structure and Ten profile provided by you, it is better for you to be in business or self-employment. However, you need to be exposed to right education and experience. Tourism and consultancy are classified as water industry. Hotel and digital marketing are classified as Fire industry. The security industry is under earth industry. You are seriously confused as there are many things that you wanted to do. The solution is to focus on next 1 thing that you want to do and do it.

      Please visit http://digidentz.com/services to check out the reports on career, wealth, relationship and health.

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