Bazi and Careers

It is important to understand the relationship between the 5 elements. I would like to use new terms to define their relationship in terms of Wealth, Influence, Resource, Output and Companion elements.

Wealth (or money) is the element that is conquered by self-element or your day master i.e.your day of birth which is on the day stem of your Bazi Chart. If your day master is wood, wood conquers earth. Earth is then wealth to a wood person. Please click here to read on “Assessing your wealth capacity”.

Influence element (or power, status) is the element that conquers the self-element. If self is wood, then power and status are represented by metal, as metal conquers wood.

Resource ( education) is the element that gives give birth or produce the self-element. For example, water is the element symbolizing resources to a person whose self-element is wood as water give birth to wood.

Output (intelligence, creativity, talents, skills, aspirations) is the element that is produced by self-element. It is something a person produces, creates and present to the world like books, intellectual properties, performance,etc. For a wood person, fire element is a symbol of his output as wood generates fire.

Companion element (friends, colleagues or competitors) is the element that is same as the self-element. If self is wood , then wood is his friends, colleagues or competitor depending on whether they are favorable or unfavorable.

With this basic principles, let begin to choose a suitable career based on the 4 examples below:-

1)The Business or money  type-

Mr. Li Ka-Shing

His Bazi chart follows:

Li Ka-shing 2

Bazi Chart of Li Ka-Shing


He is one of the richest men in Hong Kong. Mr. Li’s day master is wood, hence he is a wood person. As wood conquers earth, his wealth is earth. There are many earth elements in his chart which clearly shows that he is a very wealthy person and his wealth is acquired from properties. We can also observe that there is only one metal element which represents power and status. Therefore he is not a politician, administrator, manager or has any career related to power and status.

2.The Power Type –

Chairman Mao Tse-tung

His Bazi chart is as follows-

Chairman Mao

Bazi Chart of Chairman Mao


His day master is fire. He is a fire person born in the cold winter season(month earth pillar represents the season of birth) when water is the most prosperous. As water conquers fire, water symbolizes power and status to a fire person. His water is not only in season, it also occupies the heavenly stem of the year. On the other hand, there is only one wealth element which is metal which is in the earth pillar of the day. It is obvious that power played a more important role than wealth in his life and he was destined to become a politician.

3)The Creative Type- 

Rock star David Bowie

His Bazi chart is as follows:-

David Bowie 2

Bazi Chart of David Bowie


He is a fire person as represented by his day master. His prominent element is earth. Fire produces earth. For a fire person, earth symbolizes his output-intelligence, talent, creativity, and performance. A person with such a strong element of aspirations possesses a strong drive to express his creation and present to the world. The elements symbolizing the other aspects, such as power(water) and wealth(metal) are relatively weak. He is neither a politician nor a businessman. He is a great performer and rock star, David Bowie.

4)The Academic Type

Albert Einstein

His Bazi Chart is as follows-

Albert Einstein 2

Bazi Chart of Albert Einstein


He is a fire person born in Spring when wood is the most prosperous. To a fire person, wood is his resource . The strong wood element in Mr. Einstein’s destiny enabled him to achieve great success in scientific research.

We have seen 4 major types of elements which can have the profound influence on a person’s career potential. They can provide a guideline to evaluate one’s aptitude and skills.

Above are examples to show the destiny of 4 famous men, each having great success and achievements in business, politics, entertainment and research. Their career potential is clearly reflected in their birth data translated into Bazi Chart. In the same way, you can use your birth date and time of birth  and go to plot your chart at Bazi chart

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7 thoughts on “Bazi and Careers

  1. Daniel Tan says:

    Hi Uncle Bazi,

    Thank you for these lessons on Bazi. They are very interesting and the examples makes it easy to understand. One question. what happens if you’re self element is fire? Since fire melts water and water puts out fire, it seems that the wealth and influence element clashes with one another resulting in water element for both my wealth and influence element.

    Thank you.

  2. Sara says:

    o.k. this chart is bad news for me. I am water day master with only one fire box – the hour – in my chart. My chart has plenty of earth and water. Does that means my life is filled with powerful friends but no wealth? How can I increase my wealth despite it’s absence from my chart? Also – only 2 hidden wood stems. Does that mean that I won’t produce any artistic works?

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Please email your questions to me at


  3. vivek trivedi says:

    i am weak day master ji born in mao year and zi month the fire and earth are not good in my chart wood and water are very strong please tell me about my personality, and life
    22nde december 1963 5.55 am

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Vivek,

      Your Day master is Yin Earth. You are resourceful, capable, flexible, creative, compliant, subservient, caring, honest and considerate. You are born in winter season. Your day master is weak. Your favorable element is Fire & Earth. Metal is also your favorable element as it is missing from your chart. The field that will give you the maximum return/opportunities is water industry like trading, transportation, tourism, beverages, wisdom related field, courier, laundry services. It is better for you to be in business. Go and learn skills of doing business, creativity, finance, strategic planning, leadership and management. Please go to digidentz at Facebook & click like.

  4. Jo says:

    Hi uncle bazi, I need help with my career choice.. which field should I be in .. 15/09/1989 18:00 … thank u…

    1. UncleBazi says:


      Please go to Service Tab in my blog, to choose the required report.


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