Is Selling Your Hidden Potential?

Zhang Zi YiWhat job role is suitable for you? Is sales or administration or creation role is more suitable for you? It is important to play the role you like best so that you can contribute more or be more productive in your career. Please also read my blog on “Assessing your wealth capacity“.

Again, we can check your Bazi Chart to determine which role suits you most. Please print your BaZi Chart here.

(p.s Never heard of Bazi before? Check out my first post on Bazi to learn more about it!)

  • For sales role, check the Heaven Stem, to see whether there is any wealth elements (Direct Wealth, IW or Indirect Wealth, IW) in the Hour, Day, Month and Year Pillar. If DW or IW appears, then you can do sales. You need to develop presentation, selling, communication, negotiation, speaking, marketing and public relations skills.
  • For creation, manufacturing, production, designing role, check for wealth elements(DW or IW) at the Earth Branch. Look at the centre element at the Hidden Stem only as they represent the energy of the earth branch. If there is DW or IW in the  Hour, Day, Month and  Year Pillar, then manufacturing or production or designing role is suitable for you. You need to nurture and hone your creativity, artistic and innovative skills. Creation also includes developing your intellectual properties like books, patents, specialized knowledge, secret recipe for chicken, cakes, etc.
  • For supporting, management, administrative role, check for wealth elements at the Hidden Stems. If there is DW or IW at the Hidden Stems of the Hour, Day, Month and Year Pillar then supporting role or managerial or administrative role is suitable for you. Skills needed are leadership, management, financial knowledge, computing analytical and other soft skills.

Every role is important, even you are playing supporting roles like managerial, operational and administrative functions. There are two men who played the supporting role and got rich. They are Steve Ballmer who supported Bills Gates as CEO at Microsoft and Tim Cook who supported Steve Job as COO at Apple Inc. When you are in a right role, your productivity will increase and will enjoy your work more.  Please click here and like Digidentz at Facebook.



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12 thoughts on “Is Selling Your Hidden Potential?

  1. Carlton Gonder says:

    I have found your article very interesting , because I am bookmarking right now. I am interested to see see what the your Bazi chart has in store for my future endeavors.
    According to the chart I am thinker and philosopher, unbelievably accurate on my being as a whole.

    Yours Truly,

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Carlton Gonder,

      Thanks for your inspiring comments. Yes, you have to try it and see whether it works or not.

      Have a good day.


  2. Dylan says:

    You have a very interesting and unique website. Also, everything is very easy to read and its easy to navigate and get to article to article.

    This is a very interesting article too. Finding what your good at and what career suits is one of the most important things you can do. If you find a job that suits you and you are good at, you can live a very happy life. doing the opposite can make your life miserable.

    Thanks for the info and reading my comment.

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Dylan,
      Thank you reading my blog and your interesting comments. Please share this website with your friends. Have a good weekend. Cheers!

  3. SK says:

    Hi UncleBazi,

    Just curious, how does it translate to how a person’s approaching structure? (I have a Creator and Connector profile)

    Does it mean if I only have one IW in the hidden stems of my day pillar; even if I want to try starting my own business or doing some sales, my ventures will not even have a chance to take-off?


    1. UncleBazi says:

      If you have a creator structure, normally business is more suitable for you as a person with a creator structure are more creative & innovative. People with connector profile generally can do deals, networking & connection better than other profiles.
      IW in the hidden profile or sub chi means you can play supporting roles like managing,finance, accounting, HR, administrative, behind the scene roles. However, IW in hidden stem does not mean you cannot be successful in business. You can always play the supporting role in the business and employ some one to do marketing and sales for you. Thank you for reading my blog. Please do to digidentz at Facebook & click like.

  4. Eli says:

    I do not have DW or IW in all heavenly/earth/hidden stems.

    Does it mean I am better off not working at all?

    1. UncleBazi says:


      If you do not have Wealth stars, you have to use your Output star or skills/talent to work to give you wealth. Output stars are Eating God(EG) and Hurting Officer(HO). For example, skills related to EG are your creativity & intelligence to compose songs, write books, blogging, writing, internet skills & other skills and Hurting Officer skills-like communication, speaking, marketing, branding, be popular, be outspoken and be in the limelight.

      If you like to know more about your destiny, please go to check my services under the Service Tab in my blog.

      Thanks for reading my blog.

      Uncle Bazi

  5. Aldebaran says:

    Hi unclebazi,
    I don.t have any DW or IW in my bazi chart, but i just entered in a 10 years pillar with IW in both HS and EB of this luck pillar and eating god, IW and 7k in hidden stems of this luck pillar. I don.t have any career till now and i worked just a little in my entire life.. I didn.t find my place yet :(. What you can say about the period i just entered? Thank you very much.

    1. UncleBazi says:


      You do not have any wealth stars but you still have output stars-3 EGs & 1 HO which are your intelligence, skills and creativity which you can use them to create wealth. You are now in your LP of IW or Wealth Period which is a very good period as there will be many wealth opportunities. Further, you have 4 good animal signs in your chart. This LP is a complete waste if you do not do anything during this LP like launching new career, project, business, investments. If you do nothing, nothing will happen to you as money does not drop from then sky. You need to take action.



  6. ves says:


    If a person has DW and IW in all HS/EB/HHS, how can he decide, what job to pursue?

    1. UncleBazi says:

      He can handle sales job, jobs involves in creativity and designing and jobs involved in supporting roles like administrative, accounting and HR functions. A sales job is the best for him.
      Please visit to check the career report.


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