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BaZi and careers

One of my friends, Mr Chan has requested to do a case study on his career and wealth. He is an Associate Director at one of the foreign banks here. He is managing a team of relationship managers soliciting for commercial loans and managing a portfolio of loans. Please read my blog on “Assessment of Wealth Capacity”.

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Case study-Wealth and Career Analysis

His date of birth is 7-5-1973. Time of birth is 9 am.  Let us plot his Chart.

Mr Chan 2015

Bazi chart of Mr Chan

His day master is Yin Water. By nature Yin water person is wise, quick-witted, nurturing, creative, sensitive to feelings of others and intuitive. He is born in the season of summer when fire is at its strongest. In the season of summer, his day master of Yin water is considered weak. His favorable elements are water {Companion element(F)} and metal {Resource (DR & IR)}. Weak day master like to be strengthened by same elements and supported or produced by resource elements. In Bazi, there must be balance and harmony as elements cannot be too strong or weak.

His wealth element is Fire which is represented by Direct Wealth(DW) and Indirect Wealth(IW). His output element is wood which is Eating God(EG) only. His influence element is Direct Officer(DO) and Seven Killing(7K).

Career Analysis-

Suitable Industry/Field

There are a few ways to choose suitable industry/career. The traditional way is based on favorable elements. For Mr Chan’s case, his favorable element is water and metal. Metal refers to banking and finance industry. This explained why Mr Chan is in the banking industry which is his favorable element.

The other method is based on the elements in the hidden stems in the Month Pillar. From Mr Chan’s chart, there are 3 elements in the hidden stems of his month pillar. They are Yang Metal(DR), Yang or Bing Fire(DW) and Yang Earth(DO). He has 3 options to choose – metal, fire and earth industry. He chose banking industry which is under the metal industry. This method is based on most dominant or prosperous element in your chart. It would be difficult because the element is unfavorable to you. Hence, the road ahead may be tough but it will be more rewarding compared to the traditional way which is based on your favorable elements. Which method to use? The choice is yours. Personally, I prefer using the dominant or prosperous element method. Please also read my BaZi and careers and How to choose your career using BaZi.

Mr Chan 5 structures and profiles

Five Structures & Profiles of Mr Chan

Job Role

His radial chart or the five structure chart and profile strength chart disclosed that Mr Chan’s main structure is Manager and main profile is “The Director”(Direct Wealth).  In the radial chart, he scored 100% in Wealth, the highest and 60% in Influence, second highest in the chart. His profile strength chart revealed that The Director (Direct Wealth) has 98% score and The Pioneer (Indirect wealth) is 82%. His DW’s is too excessive at 98%. He should learn to delegate more to his subordinates. His main profile revealed that his strength is in management. Coincidentally, this also explained why he is in the role of a Associate Director managing a team of relationship managers to solicit for loans and managing a portfolio of loans. His forte is in managing wealth which is represented by loans(money) and control of people/subordinates. For “The Director(Direct Wealth)” profile, it is better for them to work for people. They are generally good in managing money, resources, costs, improving and fixing things.

There are two things he needs to fix. They are his leadership skill which is represented by The Leader(Rob Wealth) and branding and communication skills represented by The Performer (Hurting Officer) as both have a score of 0.  The Leader (RW) refers to leadership and ability to motivate a team. RW also relates the ability to entertain clients. The Performing(Hurting Officer) relates to branding, speaking and communication skills. HO star also talks about branding. He can brand himself by being outspoken and vocal in meetings and events, take action to increase his popularity by being seen more often at events and meetings. He can attend both leadership and public speaking course to develop the above skills.

Wealth analysis

1)Wealth element-

He has wealth element(DW and IW) in his hour pillar which also represents he has strong compulsion to be rich. His hour pillar represents his thinking and investments. DW and IW also appear in his month pillar. Month pillar represents his career. His wealth/money will come from his career and investments. His wealth will come from sales career as his wealth star which is Yin or Ding fire(IW) appears on Hour and Month of the heaven stem. Selling will be his forte. His job will involve talking to people, communicating certain ideas, service, advice, providing a solution. He is also good at creativity and creation as reflected by his DW stars at the earth branch in the Hour and Month Pillars. He also will have both passive and active income as DW and IW appear in Hour and Month Pillar. Please also read on my previous post on “Can you sell?”.

2)Resource element

He has DR in the hour, month pillar and IR in year pillar. DR represents his experience and knowledge and IR is his ability to read market/industry trends. His resources will be in the form of financial and physical one.

3)Output element-

He has an output element-EG in the hidden stem of his day pillar. EG normally refers to creative and writing skills. His writing skills play an important part in his career as he has to write and vet loan proposals besides sales skills.


Since he has Wealth, Resource and Output Stars in his Chart and compulsion to be rich, chances of him of becoming rich is very good provided he take the right action at the right time.

 4)Personal Life star

His Life star is 9 or South Sector as shown in his chart.  Life star represents his personal wealth sector. He has to find out where is the South sector/area of his house. He can take compass direction of the house by standing at the middle of his house and then locate the South sector of the house by drawing 9 grids and superimpose on his house plan. The content of the South sector and external of the south sector will determine his wealth capacity. He has to ensure that the inside of the south sector is tidy and clean, this is to ensure smooth flow of energy in his house. Outside the South sector, he has to ensure that there is no negative features like pylon, T-junction, neighbor’s sharp roof pointing at the sector, big tree or lamp post facing the sector.

5)Shen Qi (Success/Money) Direction

He needs to tap on his Shen Qi (life generating Qi) which is the East direction. He sits facing East direction. He can place his lap-top facing east direction at his working station. At the meeting when negotiating with clients to close any deal he can sit to face east direction to ensure that he gets the deal. When in sleeping position, use the head pointing direction.

6)Noble People

His noble people are Snake and Rabbit. They are in his natal chart in the hour, day and month pillar. He has many helpful people in his life at his office and home.

7)Intelligence star

His intelligence star is Rabbit. It is in the natal chart also.

8)Peach Blossom star

His peach blossom star is Rat. His natal chart does not have rat. He has to check at the Luck Pillar to see when Rat appears. Let us look at his Luck Pillar-

Mr Chan Luck pillar

Luck Pillar of Mr Chan

Based on his Luck Pillar, there is a Rat sign at the luck period from the age of 41 to 50 years. During this 10-year luck period, people will be attractive to him and will find him likable. If he uses this period well he should be able to clinch and win deals and also get lots of attention from ladies.

Weakness in his Chart

There is Death and Emptiness(DE) star in Hour and Month Pillar meaning that he does not get what he sees as there is DE or literally speaking there is nothing in earth branch i.e. all the DR, DW and DO stars in the hidden stem are missing or the cups are empty. DE merely means that the effect or impact of whatever event that takes place will be reduced or mitigated by half.


To remedy this, the cups of DR, DW and DO need to be filled.

Month pillar represents his career meaning he needs to take the following action-

1)to be in control and work harder(which is DW)

2)to upgrade his skills, education, learn new skills, knowledge and get new experience (which is DR)

3)to be likable to his boss(DO) by using his Peach Blossom star in his Luck Pillar in order to grow further in his career.

4)Similarly in the hour pillar which represents Investment meaning he needs to take action to learn on how to invest in properties and shares by attending courses to increase his wealth capacity.

5)In Bazi Classic, it mentioned that Noble People can relieve emptiness. As Snake and Rabbit which Mr Chan’s noble people are already in his natal chart, his DE will be relieved. He will have many helpful people in his life to help overcome his problems and obstacles.

Outlook in 2016 and 2017

The annual pillar for 2016 is Yang Fire sitting on top of Monkey(Yang Metal), a clash of elements.

To Mr Chan, Fire is his wealth and he needs strong resource of Metal to power him in order to control his wealth. As Mr Chan is a weak water day master, he needs water and metal to balance his hot fire chart. Hence, water and metal are his favorable elements. Water refer to his friends and metal resource means that he has to upgrade his skills and knowledge related to his job to sharpen his “saw”. He is also in his Luck Pillar of strong water pillar which will further strengthen him to chase for wealth. He is in still in this pure water luck pillar for another 7 years until age of 50 years.

He will then enter into another favorable period of ten years of Yin Metal over Yin Water until age of 60 years.

In his natal chart, there is a silent push in the partial three harmony combination which produces metal which is the resource element much needed by him. In Bazi Classic, Snake, Rooster and Ox will form a Metal Structure. Snake appears at his Hour and Month Pillar and Ox in the Year Pillar. The silent push is the Rooster(hidden in between Snake and Ox) which is like stealth fighter plane is invisible but exists in the chart, therefore producing more metal power for Mr Chan.

In 2016, Snake (earth branch) is in Hour and Month Pillar in his natal chart and Monkey(earth branch) in the annual year pillar will form a double Earthly combination to produce water to give him an additional water power boost needed by him. Hence in 2016, if he plays his cards well he should be able to see more money than in 2015.

In 2017, the annual year pillar is Yin Fire sitting on top of Rooster(yin metal) is another good year for him. There will be a full 3-Combination in the form Snake, Rooster(from Annual Year Pillar) and Ox which is a Metal Structure will provide further metal power. Further, yin fire will be weaker than Yang Fire in 2016.

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    Hi Uncle Bazi,
    Is this how the bazi analysis will be provided (as above) by you when subscribe for full consultation under the Service Tab?

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Yes but with more in depth analysis. If you are interested please go to Service tab in my blog for details.

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  3. David says:

    Hi. My name is David.

    I know a little bit of bazi. I’m missing action and wisdom. And I lack hardwork.

    I know a little bit of bazi. And I would like to know how can I be better at trading Forex. I’ve been trying to make it a full time job but I lack the believe and balls to do so.

    I started teaching swimming, Forex and internet marketing since 2006 and only swimming brought income to supplicate Forex and internet marketing. I’m able to buy a house, a car and build a family. But now I just want to focus on making a life trading Forex.

    I would like to know how can I be better at trading forex and internet marketing since both of them are fire which is not good for me.

    I’m my own boss but I’m tight on cash after I stop teaching swimming. I’m suffering trying to be better at Forex and internet marketing.

    I’m a 辛 metal. Pls advice.

    1. UncleBazi says:


      Your questions will require detailed analysis. Why don’t you get your personal detailed Bazi Report on career and wealth. Please go to check out the various report packages offered under service tab by visiting my blog at

      Thank you

  4. Ash says:

    I’m a little confused about the Month pillar being tied to career. In Joey’s lesson descriptions available for purchase it says the Hour pillar has to do with career yet every other site I read, including this page say career is tied to the Month pillar. Is it an error or did he mean career aspirations, something that you desire to be rather than should be?

    1. UncleBazi says:


      Hour pillar represents your career aspirations and ambition. Month pillar represents your career/business prospects.

      Best Regards

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