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JJ Poor To Rich(JJPTR), a foreign exchange investment company grabbed the headlines a few weeks ago in Malaysia when its 28-year-old founder claimed that the company had lost US$400mil (RM1.738bil) due to a purported “hacking job.” Investors panicked when the 20% monthly interest they were promised was not deposited into their accounts last month.

The founder of JJPTR is Johnson Lee. Police have recently arrested him for investigation in view of reports made by some of his investors as they had stopped receiving money from their investments. Police said JJPTR have collected investments of up to RM1.7bil up until now.

Let us examine his destiny chart or Bazi chart below. You can plot your own Bazi chart here.

Bazi Chart of Johnson Lee

Luck Pillar of Johnson Lee

He was born in the Ox Month, the last month of the winter season. His day master is Yang Fire. His day master is considered a weak one as he was not born in season. His Yang Fire symbolizes the brilliant sun and energy. He is active, determined, persistent, open-minded, outspoken, possessing the warmth and the charisma of the sun. His Yang Fire is supported by his Yin Wood in the Month stem which represents his flair for talking and influencing people.

More than 400,000 people are believed to have invested in the JJ Poor To Rich (JJPTR) money game. Police investigation revealed that at least 100,000 of them were from abroad.

It is interesting to find out how he managed to make so much money after only in the business for around two years plus. His wealth element is symbolized by metal. He only has two wealth elements in his chart. One Direct Wealth (DW) in the hidden stem in his month pillar and another DW in his day pillars. How did he manage to collect such a massive sum within two years plus?

This can be explained by his many earth elements in his chart which represent his output stars-his intelligence, ideas, skills and creativity. Besides his wealth element, his output element, earth can also produce wealth. Yang Earth is strongly rooted in Dragon and Dog. Dragon, Ox and Dog have strong earth elements in their respective Earth Branches. Further, he is in his current Luck Pillar(LP) of Earth Dragon from Chinese age of 23 to 32 years. His current LP is a block of solid earth. Earth is the resource element to Metal, his wealth element, thus he has plenty of suckers/supporters out there growing or feeding his wealth element. Earth element also represents his creativity and ideas. This is how he used his creative and innovative investments plan to attract many investors by promising high and fast returns.

Dragon in his LP and Year Pillar also combined with Rooster in 2017 to produce metal, his wealth element supported by his strong earth elements.


He made a lot of money in 2017. However, in 2017 as a Yang Fire day person, Ding Fire as shown in the above pillar is his Rob Wealth (RW) and when RW meets Wealth (Direct Wealth) in the Rooster, he would either be “robbed” or he would “rob” other people’s money. Which one do you think actually happened? It was reported in the media that the company lost US$400mil (RM1.738bil) due to a purported “hacking job.” You decide as the matter is still under police investigation.

Earth element is considered an unfavorable element to him as earth is excessively strong in his chart and will cause him problems and conflicts. Too much earth will make him misuse or abuse his creativity and ideas. Further, he is also in his current LP of strong earth. Dragon in his Luck Pillar also clashed with Dog in his Day Pillar. Dragon also has a Destroy relationship with Ox in his Month Pillar. Dragon in his LP also has self-punishment with Dragon in his Year Pillar in his natal chart. The LP also has a Fu-Yin pillar with the Year Pillar, meaning both of them has identical pillar. His current LP and Year Pillar have Yang Earth in the heavenly stem and Dragon in the earthly branch. It is stated in most BaZi books that Fu-Yin brings crying or sad events such as physical health issues to loosing someone dear. Fu-Yin further enhanced his earth energy. Hence, the clash, destruction, self-punishment and Fu-Yin relationship further escalated the issues. This explained why he was arrested, remanded and facing the current issues.

What finally happened? If you know how a money game works, normally the guys at the bottom of the pyramid will ultimately “pay” for it. The money comes from having an ever-increasing number of players investing in the schemes. New money to pay off old investors comes from new investors. New investors must be found, or the game collapses. The only certain thing about money games is that there will be a breaking or bursting point when the recruitment of new investors dropped or funds have been siphoned elsewhere.

From the Bazi angle, it is difficult to control wealth, his metal element by using sun energy(he is Yang Fire person) as his peer, Yin Fire which is like a candle or furnace fire can do a better job to forge or melt metal especially raw metal or Yang Metal(his Indirect Wealth).

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