Do you want to be rich?

SportstotoHow many of you want to be rich? I am sure that many of us want to be rich. There are many ways to become rich-try your luck at casino, marry rich, get rich inheritance, start a lucrative business, get a high paying job, you can buy lottery, Sports toto and hope you have the luck to strike a few million jackpot. Please read my blog on “Chasing the wealth star“.


Bill Gates 2

Net worth -USD80 billion (Aug 2015)



When you are rich they are so many things you can do in life and your also have time freedom. On top of that you can also spend your productive time to help the poor and underprivileged group by doing charities. The richest man in the world, Bills Gates has set up charitable foundation and so do Warren Buffet, the second richest man in the world. There is nothing to stop us from getting rich. I think it is our internal self or our mind that is preventing us from getting rich.

Bazi chart of Bill Gates without hour pillar

Chart of Bill Gates

To be rich, your thought and action must be in unison as they cannot be separated. Most of the rich men, I talked to always do what they think and not otherwise. This could be their secret formula to wealth. They also have strong compulsion to take action on what they think is the right thing to do to achieve their goals. If your read the biography of Bills Gates and Warren Buffett, you will find that both of them are very compulsive in their action and thinking.



I have done some research of super rich men’s Bazi chart and noted that many of them have Yang Water as day master in their chart. The world richest man, Bill Gates’s day master is Yang Water and the second richest man, Warrren Buffett’s day master is also Yang Water. Yang Water person have an inborn talent for making money. Most of the richest people in the world are Yang Water. If your day master is a Yang Water, you need to activate the entrepreneur within! They are also good in raising capital and are visionaries. Numbers speak to them.

Robert KuokIn Malaysia, the richest man is Robert Kuok who also has Yang Water as his day master.Besides checking whether you have Yang Water as day master in your chart in order to qualify to have the potential to be rich. You can check also whether you have compulsion to be rich. In your Bazi chart, to check whether or not you have the compulsion to be rich or not can be seen in the Hour Pillar of the chart.

First you have to check whether the wealth element i.e.Direct Wealth(DW) or Indirect Wealth (IW) are in the Hour Pillar or not. In Bazi, the element controlled by you is called Wealth element. Wealth in Chinese is related to ownership. If you want to be wealthy, you have to own stuffs like properties, equities and businesses.

Robert Kuok 2

Chart of Robert Kuok

Hour Pillar is used because the Hour Pillar represents your thinking. If DW or IW is present it means you are constantly thinking about money. It also means that you have compulsion to be rich. Richness always begin in the mind and follow by action. Many people have desires to be rich but are not compelled to be rich.

Desire and compulsion are not the same thing. For desire if thing gets difficult he/she will give up whereas for compulsion no matter how difficult it gets, he/she will still do it.

Do not despair if you do not have DW or IW in your Hour Pillar. Look for  Companion Element { Friend (F) or Rob Wealth(RW) }in your chart. Companion element means ego or “face value”,  meaning you do not want to lose to your friends so you are compel to take action to win.

In summary, if you have any of  the four elements – DW, IW, F, RW in your Hour Pillar, you will have the compulsion to be rich. Chances of you becoming rich is very high. You still have to take the right action by being compulsive to realize your first million. Print your Bazi Chart

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4 thoughts on “Do you want to be rich?

  1. Jane says:

    Hi UncleBazi,

    I read almost all of your post when I come across this post and found out I have same day and month pillar with Bill Gate, does that mean I have potential to be rich? My hour pillar is yang water tiger and year pillar is yang metal horse.
    My earthly branches is tiger, dog and horse does this mean I have even stronger wealth elements, but I realize I have weak day master, so how can I improve from that?

    1. UncleBazi says:


      You need to do a full Bazi reading. Please go to Service Tab to choose the required report.


  2. H says:

    Hi Master,

    Does that mean if the chart owner has DW or IW revealed on the hour stem, he/she stands a high chance to become wealthy in late age ?

    How come you did not take into consideration of the self strength i.e. Strong self or weak self ?

    Also, there could be possible combination and transformation that may take place when conditions are met. You should provide more substantial details on this aspect in your blog.

    1. UncleBazi says:

      1. It is possible provided the person takes the right action.
      2. A person with a weak Day Master can also can become strong if he/she goes through a particular luck pillar that has the element that strengthen him/her.
      3. Possible combination and transformation may take place but this not discussed here as this blog is mainly for beginners.


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