How to time your investment

There are many people who are interested to know whether this year is a good time for investment in properties and shares. Well, I think nobody can predict the timing of investment correctly but there is a simple way to time your investment using your personal Bazi Chart. I would like to share it with you now. Please also read my blog on “Assessing your wealth capacity” and “Can I marry rich”.



First before you want to invest in properties and shares, you must have some knowledge or competency in the subject matter. If you do not have the knowledge, please go to acquire it through seminars. talks, workshops, courses, books and learning from experts. Once you have sufficient knowledge and experience, the next step is to look for the right timing. Please also read “Smart and dumb money luck” and “Chasing the wealth star”.

For example, Mr A wants to buy a property. He wants to time the purchase of his property, assuming that the location and feng shui of the house are good. Bazi Chart of Mr A is shown below-

Bazi Chart of Chris

He needs to know the Six Earthly Branches Combinations and Three Earthly Branches Combinations. You can print your Bazi chart here.

The Six Earthly Branches Combinations are tabulated below-

Earthly Branches Combination

Six Earthly Branches Combination

The Three Earthly Branches Combinations are tabulated below:-

Earthly Branch 3 combination

Earthly Branch 3 combination

As the Hour Pillar in Mr A’s Bazi Chart represents investment, the animal sign in the Hour Pillar is Snake, and in the Six Earthly Branches Combinations, Snake combines with Monkey. This means, it is a good time to invest in the month of Monkey for Mr A if he wants to buy the house. Monkey month is from August 8 to September 7.

If somehow, he cannot find the right house and Monkey month is already over, he can use Three Earthly Branches Combinations. Based on the above table, Snake will form a Three Combinations with Rooster and Ox. He can invest in the month of Rooster(September 8 to October 7) and Ox(January 6 to February 3).

In summary, this is how you use your personal Bazi chart to time your investment. Please bear in mind that competency in your investment and timing of your investment are important in any investment. If you have competency in investment only but got the timing wrong most likely your investment will not likely to give you your desirable return. There is saying that “Timing is everything”. However, to me both competency and timing are equally important in any investments.

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6 thoughts on “How to time your investment

  1. Edward says:

    Hi Master,
    Can help to look dec, 20 1987.
    Feel so down and unlucky. Stressed over money
    Kindly enlighten me on my path.

    Thank you

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Your path of wealth is in the water industry(shipping, tourism, trading, transport,journalism, laundry business,wisdom related field, courier)


  2. batman says:

    Hi Uncle bazi,
    Based on the above bazi, the person needs more water. So water structure needed?
    If hour pillar is snake, but strong fire person. Do we still look for water structure cause that’s influence element instead of wealth element. (Correct me if im wrong).

    Thank you!

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Batman,
      1. Yes
      2.For timing of investment, look for combination only.


      1. batman says:

        Morning Uncle Bazi,

        With regards to the second part of the question.
        We just look at combination and disregard the water fire clash issue?

        Thanks for the clarification.


        1. UncleBazi says:

          Hi Batman,

          For timing just look at what combines with your Hour Pillar will do.
          I hope this clarifies.

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