Is June the end of May?

Theresa May was born on 1 October 1956 in Sussex, May is the only child of Zaidee Mary and Hubert Brasier. Her father was a clergyman and later became a vicar. She recently became the Prime Minister after the Brexit issue. She called for a snap election in early June which resulted in a hung parliament as no parties won the majority votes in the election to form a government. Thus, prompting her to broker a deal with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)

Let us examine her chart in detail. You can print your Bazi Chart here.

Bazi Chart of Theresa May

Luck Pillar of Theresa May

Annual Year Pillar of 2017- Theresa May

As a Yin Metal Day Master, her Yin Fire represents Seven Killings(7K) and Yin Metal Rooster represents Friend(F) in 2017. What does this mean for her in 2017? 7K means petty people, betrayal, sabotage, treachery, problems, conflict, and legal issues. She has to face all these challenges in 2017.

In her current Luck Pillar of Metal Rabbit, Rabbit will clash with Rooster in her Month Pillar and Rooster in the Annual Year Pillar of 2017. Rabbit and Rooster clash is a betrayal clash. Someone in her camp/party must have betrayed her during the election campaign which resulted in her failure to secure a majority vote for her Conservative party. There is also a Rooster Self-Punishment as the Rooster in her Month Pillar sees another Rooster in the Annual Year Pillar of 2017. In fact, her Conservative Party has the mandate to govern the country for another three years but she called for the snap election in June to consolidate her position as she was not elected but was appointed as Prime Minister after the events from Brexit. However, her plan backfired.

To overcome her challenges and form a majority government, she needs to team up with her friends which are shown as F in Metal Rooster. Friends (F) means connection, networking, teaming up and alliances. In this case, her friends are the politicians in DUP, which she wants to form a majority government with them. At the time of writing, it was mentioned in the news that the leader of DUP will be meeting Theresa May soon.

Will the talk with Arlene Foster of DUP be successful?

Let us find out who are the noble people of Theresa May by checking the animal signs below.

The Noble People or helpful people of Theresa May are those people with animal signs of Tiger and Horse in their Bazi Chart.

Let us look at the chart of Arlene Foster, the leader of DUP-

Bazi Chart of Arlene Foster

There is a Horse in the Month Pillar of Arlene Foster which indicated that Arlene Foster is the nobleman of Theresa May. Most likely the talk and proposed alliances with DUP will be successful.

Who are the noble people of Arlene Foster?


The Noble People or helpful people of Arlene Foster are those people with animal signs of Goat and Ox in their Bazi Chart. Theresa May’s chart has Ox in her Day Pillar. So Theresa May is Arlene Foster’s nobleman.  It shows that both will benefit mutually from the political alliances.

Annual Pillar of 2017-Arlene Foster

As a Yang Wood Day Master, her Yin Fire represents Hurting Officer(HO) and Yin Metal Rooster represents Direct Officer(DO) in 2017. HO represents creating something new, want to perform, taking the lead, be visible, popular and be in the limelight. DO represents status, power, and authority. 2017 will put her in the political spotlight and elevated her power, position, and authority as a result of her political partnership with Theresa May. Definitely, Arlene Foster will get something in return for helping May to stay in power.

To Theresa May, June is still not the end of May.

Similarly, you can forecast what will happen to you in 2017 by checking what are the ten gods (DW, IW, DR, IR, DO, 7K, F, RW, EG & HO) you have in your own annual Pillar of 2017.


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