Nelson Mandela-Imprisonment & Bazi


Bazi Chart of Nelson Mandela Date of birth 18 July 1918

Bazi Chart of Nelson Mandela

LP of Nelson Mandela

Luck Pillar of Nelson Mandela

There is a technique of reading imprisonment in the Bazi Chart. For a strong Day Master, imprisonment is like there is no outlet or release of excess energy or bottling up of energy and feelings. For example, Nelson Mandela, was born in the season of summer when fire is the most prosperous element, his Day Master of Yang Fire is rated as strong as he was born in season. He was a strong fire person who needed earth as an outlet to release his excessive fire energy. He was jailed in 1962, a year of strong wood, his unfavorable element which destroyed his favorable earth element, leaving no outlet for his excessive fire energy.

His Luck Pillar of Wood between ages of 47 to 66, kept the earth suppressed until Luck Pillar of Yang Fire over Yang Wood from age of 67 to 76 years. He was only released from prison in 1990, at age of 72 years, a year of Yang Metal over Yang Fire. Yang Metal could then cut down Yang Wood into smaller pieces to feed fire which produced or released earth from its captivity thus producing outlet for his excessive fire.

Ten Profiles of Nelson Mandela

Ten Profiles of Nelson Mandela

The ten profiles basically tell you what is your gift or talents. This can be clearly seen from Mandela’s Chart. Look at his top 3 talents which are-

1)The Performer or Hurting Officer which represented his intelligence, creativity, public speaking skills, star like status and popularity

2)The Leader or Rob Wealth which represented his strong charismatic leadership and ability to influence the masses and garner strong cult-like support from his people and the world

3)The Friends which represented his ability to leverage on connections and make friends with many powerful leaders

Likewise, your top 3 profiles will help you to determine what is the suitable job role for you. Focus on one of your top 3 profiles or talents and become great in one of these talents. Please print your Bazi Chart here.

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