Obtaining Capital and Timing

Suddenly one day you wake up have a great business idea and your BaZi chart revealed that you can be in business. You want to start a business now but do not have capital. How to obtain capital then?


Obtaining capital could be tricky. There are many types of people with different motives and they are looking into putting a stake into your business. Please read my blog on “Assessment of Wealth Capacity”.

There are many ways to obtain capital namely-

  • Borrow
  • Marry rich (please read my previous post on “Can you marry rich?“)
  • Inheritance
  • Winnings from lottery, gambling and casino
  • Given money-  someone gives you money or donation which is now very sensitive politically in Malaysia


The above ways may appear difficult for many. Fear not as luckily for you, your BaZi Chart will be able to tell you when and from who you can get your capital.

1)First and foremost, you must know what is your wealth element in your BaZi Chart. Please print your Bazi Chart here.

(New to BaZi? Check out my post on Introduction to BaZi here!)

Wealth elements

Based on Day master or your day of birth, you can determine your wealth elements as shown above. You can time when you can borrow money based on the wealth element of your Luck Pillar. I will show you later in using above wealth elements.

2)To check from who you can borrow money, you have to determine the wealth stars of the Hour, Month and Year Pillar and exclude the Day pillar. Treat each Pillar as an individual. Look at the element in the top pillar or heaven stem of Hour, Month and Year individually. Treat them as three different persons. Then check their wealth elements based on the individual elements at the top or heaven stems as shown below-

Chart of B Obtaing capital

Chart of Mr B

From the above chart of Mr B, we can see that at the top of Hour Pillar there is a metal element(Yin Metal), hence the wealth element of metal is wood from above table. For the month pillar, fire (Yang Fire) is the element which means the wealth element is metal and for year pillar, the top element is earth(Yang Earth), hence the wealth element is water. Once the wealth elements are determined, we can go to check when Mr B can borrow money and from who.

The Hour Pillar represents short-term lenders, the Month Pillar represents mid-term lenders and the Year Pillar represents long-term lenders as shown below. The lenders must have money before they can lend money to you, that is why we look at their wealth element in the chart.

Obtaining Capital

From chart of Mr B, if he wants to borrow from short-term lenders(which is represented by the Hour Pillar), the Hour Pillar is Metal, hence the wealth element is Wood, therefore we look at the Luck Pillar to see when Wood (Yang Wood & Yin Wood) will appear at the top box of the Luck pillar which for this case is from age of 79 to 99 years old. Which means during this age period, he can borrow from short-term lenders. Most likely Mr B is getting pocket money from his children. If he wants to borrow from mid-term lenders then he look at his month pillar which is a Fire element, the wealth element of Fire is Metal. Then he checks in Luck Pillar to see when Metal appears. Yang Metal will appear at his age of 39 to 48 years old and Yin Metal appears at the age of 49 years to 58 years old. During this age period, he can borrow from mid-term lenders like banks, joint venture capitalist and parties as shown in the table. Similarly, in the Year Pillar the element is Earth, the wealth element of Earth is Water and as Water(Yang Water and Yin Water) appear at the age of 59 to 78 years old which means he can borrow money from long-term investors, for this case could be from his children, most likely no need for him to pay back the money.

Let us look at another case-

Chart of Chris raising capital

Chart of C

Say Mr C wants to borrow from mid-term lenders, look at the Month Pillar, the element is Earth(Yang Earth) and the wealth element for the earth is water based on the table. Let us look at Luck Pillar to see when water appears at the top pillar. Water(Yang Water and Yin Water) will appear when he reaches the age from 36 to 55 years, at this time he can borrow from mid-term lenders. Maybe he will be getting a housing loan to purchase a property. If he wants to borrow from short-term lenders, he looks at his Hour pillar, the element is Fire(Yin Fire) and its wealth element is metal from above table. Then he looks at the Luck Pillar to see when metal appears. Metal appears at the age from 16 to 35 years, he will have the opportunity to borrow from short-term lenders. If Mr C wants to know whether he can borrow from long-term lenders, he checks his Year Pillar and wood is the element and the wealth stars for wood are Earth. Then he checks his Luck Pillar to see when Earth appears. Earth appears at the age from 6 to 15 years old. Most likely, he is getting pocket money from his parents. If you borrow from long-term borrowers especially from parents and children depending on your age, most likely you do not have to pay them back.

Now you can print your chart to find out when and from who you can borrow money. Remember to borrow for a cause either to finance your properties, business, course and upgrading your skills but not to finance liabilities.


sexy girl


To find out what are the resources you have besides money, please check out my previous blog on “The Martian”. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or if you need help interpreting your own chart. Everything in the business industry is not complicated, it is the small little action steps you take every day that makes the difference! Check your Bazi chart now!

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6 thoughts on “Obtaining Capital and Timing

  1. Jack says:

    Hey there

    Love this article, very well written. Also your website is bursting with your personality, awesome information through out.

    very deep look at these principles I am impressed with this post.

    Thanks again for sharing this information, My cousin was looking for similar info just yesterday I will share this with her right away, I think she will find it interesting.


    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Jack,
      Thank you for your wonderful compliments and comments. Yes, please share my blog with your cousin and your friends. Feel free to ask them to contact me if they need any help at all in interpreting their Bazi chart. Thank you once again. Have a good weekend.

  2. Darren says:

    This is a very intriguing and different way of looking at money lending and raising capital. I’ve never heard of this before. It’s like the marriage of a Fengshui master and an accountant. I’m not sure how the photos of the pretty Asian girls fits in, but they add an extra element to the post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. UncleBazi says:

    Hi Darren,
    Thank you for your interesting comments. This is using metaphysic approach to obtain capital at the right timing from the right parties. Well as for the pretty girls they represent money and wealth in ancient China and BaZi concept and also to spice up my blog. Have a good day.

  4. anton says:

    Hi Unclebazi,

    what about if the wealth element of the year stem in natal chart appears in monthly luck cycle & yearly luck cycle but not in decade pillar? ex. year pillar in natal chart is gui/snake and in 2016 it is fire/monkey, the wealth of gui is fire? is it usable? ex.2 ji/snake in hour pillar(natal chart) sees the wealth in gui/si month of may 2016, can this be use?

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Please email your questions to me at unclebazi@digidentz.com. Please give me your date of birth.


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