Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton-Will destiny or rigged election decides the next President of the United States?

Who will be the new President of USA after the election on 8-November 2016? The Democrat’s candidate, Hillary Clinton or the Republican’s candidate, Donald Trump? At the time of writing, according to latest polls, the Democrats are leading by a slim margin of 2%.


We have to examine their Bazi Charts and ask the following questions-

1)Are the candidates in their favorable Luck Pillar(LP)?

2)Are the candidates in their favorable year and are the yearly elements supportive of their destiny?

3)The competition effect. Comparison of competitor’s strength to see who is stronger?

Let us check Hillary Clinton’s Bazi Chart. You can print your Bazi Chart here.


Time & Date of Birth of Hillary Clinton: 8.02am & 26-Oct-1947


Luck Pillar of Hillary Clinton

Her Bazi Chart shows that Hillary Clinton is an Earth person born at the end of the autumn season. She is a Yang Earth person sitting on Tiger(7K). A person with Seven Killings(7K) normally is aggressive, love challenges, power, status and persistent. She is able to develop and hone her speaking skills (HO) over the years to become a master of speech. She is calm, steady, can influence and convince many people through her speech rallies. She is good at networking and connection(F) and resourceful(DR). The configuration of her chart shows many earth elements. Her Day Master of Yang Earth is rooted in sub-chi in Wu Earth in Tiger in the Day Pillar, strongly rooted in Wu Earth in Dragon in the Hour pillar and Wu Earth in Dog in the Month Pillar. Earth’s presence is predominantly strong in her chart. We can deduce that she is a strong earth person and needs to release her strong earth energy by producing an output which is metal. Her Output (EG/HO)(ideas, intelligence) which is metal is like a magnet that can either attract or repel people. Wood or influence(DO/7K)(power, status, aggression) is also needed to control the strong earth in her chart. Water or her wealth element(DW/IW) is also needed to reduce her excessive earth. Hence, her favorable elements are metal, wood, and water. As her Day Master of Yang Earth is already strong, the earth element is not needed anymore. The fire element which produces earth element is also not needed. Hence, her unfavorable elements are Earth and Fire.

She is in her current Luck Pillar(LP) of Yin Fire over Yin Fire Snake. She is not in her favorable LP of Fire as Fire is her unfavorable element. Her LP of Snake also clashes with Pig in the year pillar in her natal chart. The year pillar represents friends and the public besides other things. The clash in the year pillar means her support/popularity from her friends and the public has changed and declined over the years. The DR in her year pillar also represents information which in her context is her emails leaks issue which currently the FBI is investigating as her year pillar of Pig is clashed by Snake in her LP. Monkey in 2016 also clashes with Tiger in her Day Pillar in her natal chart. The Day Pillar represents her spouse. Here, it means that her husband’s past sex scandal has affected her presidential campaign to some extent.

2016 has strong fire and metal elements. The fire element which is her unfavorable element will strengthen her Day Master of Yang Earth which no longer needs fire as it is already strong. The strong fire also weakened her favorable metal element in the year. Hence, the fire element in 2016 is not favorable to her.

Let us examine the chart of Donald Trump.


Time & Date of Birth of Donald Trump : 10.54am & 14-Jun-1946


Luck Pillar of Donald Trump

Trump is a Yin Earth person. There are many Earth and Fire elements in his chart. He has a special chart called a vibrant chart. A vibrant chart cannot have Influence elements(DO, 7k). Yin Earth in the stem transformed Yang Wood(DO) in the heaven stems into earth element in the summer month. Yin Wood(7K) is buried inside Yin Earth Goat and has no influence on the Day Master of Yin Earth. A vibrant chart is treated as a weak chart. His favorable elements are Fire(DR,IR) and Earth(F/RW). His resource element, Yang Fire(DR)is strongly rooted in Snake in the Hour Pillar. His self-element, Yin Earth(F) is strongly rooted in Goat and Horse. Yin Earth (F) relates to networking, connection, and deal making which is his forte, especially properties deals. Yin Earth also refers to resilience which explained why he is able to bounce back after a few bankruptcies. The seasonal Fire combination of Snake-Horse-Goat added more fire power to him.

His current LP is Yin Metal over Yin Earth Ox. Metal is one of his unfavorable elements and earth his favorable element. He is currently in his unfavorable LP from 68 to 72 years which are metal years. The Ox in his current LP clashes with Goat in his Day Pillar in his natal chart. It implied his past relationship with spouse, girlfriends, abusing women is a setback in his presidency campaign.


2016 has strong fire and metal elements. The strong fire, his favorable element furthered strengthened his Day master of Yin Earth, which is favorable to him. The strong fire also weakened his unfavorable metal element. Hence, the strong fire of Yang Fire in the Heavenly Stem in 2016 will support his destiny to be the President of the USA.


Date of election of US President : 8-November-2016

Let us look at the election date. The Day of the election is a Wood over Fire day which favors Trump, as wood produces fire and fire, produces earth which is Trump favorable elements. Fire and earth are unfavorable elements to Hillary Clinton. The Horse on the election date will combine with his Goat in his Day Pillar to produce Fire, thus giving him additional firepower. The day of election obviously favors Donald Trump.

The month of election is a winter month which is a water month which is not favorable to Trump but is favorable to Hillary Clinton as water is one of her favorable elements. Wood, her favorable element is also present in the month. The Pig sign on the election month will combine with Tiger in her Day Pillar to produce wood(Power, status, position) for her as wood is one of her favorable elements. Hence, the month of election favors Hillary Clinton.

It will be a close fight. The campaign for the presidency became very intense now in November. A lof of money(DW), resources(IR) were spent especially by the Democrat party to get support from celebrities, high profile connection with people in power and influential friends(F) are involved in the campaign. The last minute campaign, rallies, speeches, and promise of the better country via various tax proposals, more jobs, more security, incentives, budget proposals, and other measures will decide the outcome of the election. The results of the election will be a close one.

To determine who is the stronger candidate as both are Earth person. We see that Hillary Clinton is an earth person sitting on wood which is a destructive element to earth. Her competitor, Donald Trump is an earth person sitting on the earth which is a self or friend element. As Earth element is supported by earth element, obviously Donald Trump is a stronger Earth person than Hillary Clinton.

Based on the destiny chart of both candidates, I would pick Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States of America as 2016 is a favorable year for Trump as his favorable element fire is strong, date of the election has his favorable element of fire, the combination of Horse on the date of election with Goat in his day pillar to produce more fire for Trump and he is a stronger earth person compared to Hillary Clinton, provided that the election is not rigged as claimed by Donald Trump. A rigged election will be read as an interference to destiny.

Who do you think will be the next President of the United States of America?

You have a few more days to choose.

Happy voting and choose wisely to all the readers of my blog in the United States of America.

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6 thoughts on “Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton-Will destiny or rigged election decides the next President of the United States?

  1. Batman says:

    But aren’t we able to change destiny?

    She’s been working hard for so many years…. I bet that’s something..

    If trump becomes president, can you foresee what will happen to malaysia?

    Can bazi predict M’sia future?

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Batman,

      Yes, you still have free will to change destiny by taking the right action. I agreed with you that she worked hard for many years but unfortunately she lost today as predicted by me.

      It is too early to tell how Trump’s victory will affect Malaysia. To your last question, it is possible but difficult as there are too many variables involved.


      1. batman says:

        Thanks for your reply.

        From the looks of it. Bazi seems to weigh in stronger than strong will and hard work..

        Eerily scary.

        1. UncleBazi says:


          Both are equally important.


  2. Kim says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog, where are you from?

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Kim,

      I am from Penang, Malaysia. Where are you from?

      Thanks for reading my blog.

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