Do I have the Top Five Auspicious Animal Signs in the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017


Rooster CNY



The top five auspicious animal signs in 2017 are-



Good stars

Status, Power & Recognition-Emperor Star

-Helpful People-Dragon Virtue

-Grand Duke Combination Star




Good stars

-Wealth star: Golden Cabinet/Lock

-Wealth star:Jade Hall

-Status, Power & Recognition: General Star & The Duke’s Arrival

-Academic Star: Intelligence

-Nobleman Star:Helpful people

However, people who are born in the year of Rooster are offending Tai Sui(the Grand Duke Jupiter) in 2017 and is in self-punishment. As a result, those with Rooster in their chart will be impatient, hot-tempered, aggressive and temperamental. There will be some challenges. However, the many positive stars in Rooster will help to resolve the challenges.



Good stars

-Wealth Star-The Treasure Star

-Relationship Stars-Red Matchmaker and Salty Pool






Good stars

-Wealth Star-Moon Star

-Relationship Star-Sky Happiness







Good star

Wealth Star-National Treasure




A)Animal signs with Wealth stars


Golden Cabinet: it means a chest or a safe fill with money and valuables. It means an increase in net worth.

Jade Hall star: increase in salary, bonus, and income.


-Moon star: this is an entrepreneurship star. You have entrepreneur ideas but passive as you think only, hence to activate this star you have to actively take action to execute your ideas. You also have good female noble people luck in your career and business. If you are in business, you can venture into selling women’s products such as women’s shoes, handbags, dress, perfume, cosmetics, and others.


Treasure star: meaning an increase in income especially good for people who are paid on a project, contract and commission basis.


National Treasure: to activate this star you must involve in key projects which make you indispensable and hence able to command a high salary.

Please also read “Assessing your wealth capacity”.

B)Animal signs with Relationship star


–Sky Happiness: this is a good year for a single looking for a partner. You also most likely or have the opportunities to receive a lot of invitations to parties, joyous occasions, and celebrations.


Red Matchmaker: it refers to the romantic relationship and love. If you are single, you are likely to meet someone attractive and the feelings will be mutual. If you already in a relationship, it is possible to contemplate marriage.

Salty Pool: It is a lusty star-fast and passionate love with the possibility of sex scandal or adultery.

Please also read “Month of Love” and “Can you marry rich?”

C)Animal signs with Status, Power & Recognition star


-Emperor Star. This is the highest form of Noble people star. You always get what you want like an Emperor.


The Duke’s Arrival: people will pay attention to you and you can become famous. To activate this star, you have to attract attention and be in the limelight.

-General star: It is a leadership star.

D)Animal signs with Helpful People star


-Sun: Noble people star. People with Sun star should offer help, assistance, and be a mentor to others as this is a good way to activate this great Noble People star. People will come to you for help and you must help them as you are their Nobleman. Build your brownies points this year and redeem them next year.


-Dragon Virtue: the star has the power to convert negative outcome into positive ones and ability to solve problems.

E)Animal signs with Academic star


-Elegant seal: Related to creative work and fields like business, artistic work, innovation, productive and creation fields.


– Intelligence: This star will increase your memory power. Use it to study, learn, acquire new skill and knowledge for your personal growth and career.

F)Animal signs with Dissolving Problems star


-Relief God: you can solve problems. If you have problems in 2017, by end of the year your problems will be solved


Earth Relief: you can buy a house or renovate a house this year. Can also find good property deals.

G)Animal signs with Petty People 


-Back Poking star: Back stabbed by people.


-Yin Sha: Offend ladies/girls.


-Leopard Tail: Offend people unknowingly.

H)Animal signs with Forgetfulness star


–Death God: You will forget car keys, door keys, wallets, phones, passport, password, and other valuable items. How to solve this problem? Use reminders to remind you. Can use it positively for meditation and to let go of your stress and problems.


Sky Emptiness: Talk of many big goals and big plans but in the end, nothing happens. Just talk only, in short N.A.T.O.(Nothing All Talk Only).

I)Animals signs with potential instant/overnight fame star


-Eight Seats especially in the Hour and Year Pillar. You can put something like photos or video on Face Book or You tube, one of your videos may go viral which can make you famous overnight.


The Duke’s Arrival

J)Animal sign with Property Luck


-Earth Relief

K)Animal signs with Social Capital star

1.Snake -Three Harmony

2.Boar– Sky Horse

3.Dragon – Grand Duke Combination

L)Animal signs with Emotional Stars

1.Goat -Lonesome

2.Ox – Instability & Five Ghost

3.Rooster – Sky Cry

M)Animal signs with Conflicts Stars

1.Rooster – Triple Punishment & Hidden Corpse

2.Horse – Curled Tongue

3.Dog – Six Harms

4.Ox – Yellow Flag

N)Animal signs with Spending Money Stars

1.Rabbit – Greater Consumer

2.Tiger – Lesser Consumer

O)Animal signs with Arguments & Disputes Stars

1.Monkey – Heavenly Officer Charm

2.Rabbit – Prison Inmates

P)Animal signs with Health Issues 

1.Monkey -Sickness Charm

2.Ox – Blood Knife

3.Rooster – Sword Edge

Q)Animal signs with Accident Stars

1.Rabbit – Calamity Sha

2.Snake – White Tiger

R)Animal sign clashing with Rooster or Tai Sui (Grand Duke)

Rabbit will clash with Rooster, the Grand Duke or Tai Sui in 2017. Clash of the Year Pillar means you will change your friends, environment, market, industry. Clash of the Month Pillar means you will either change job, boss, department, job role, possibly will be retrenched, offered voluntary separation scheme(VSS), mutual separation scheme(MSS) or even retire. Clash of the Day Pillar means you will change or renovate the house, change partner, arguments/misunderstanding with a spouse, divorce, separation and potential health issues. Clash of the Hour Pillar means you will change your passion, thinking, aspirations, dreams, goals and potentially may lose money in your investments and also having problems/issues with your children. Clash means changes which can be positive or negative depending on your current condition. Rabbit-Rooster clash is normally associated with emotional and betrayal issues. People who have Rabbit in their chart, should exercise caution and refrain from risky sports.

S)Animal signs without any good stars


2.Snake- Snake will combine with Rooster, Grand Duke of 2017 and Ox under the Three Harmony Combination. Snake will have connection and networking star.

You need to change, take action to help yourself and leverage on those people with the top 5 animal signs. Please also read “Start up or employment“.

You can use the animal signs to check your outlook for 2017. In your Bazi Chart, please print your Bazi Chart here, there are four pillars in the Bazi Chart-

  • Year Pillar-The animal sign in Year Pillar represents your friends, your environment, your social network, the market, industry, and public.
  • Month Pillar-The animal sign in Month Pillar represents your career prospects if you are an employee and business prospects if you are a businessman
  • Day Pillar-The animal sign in Day Pillar represents the relationship with spouse, your home, and your health.
  • Hour Pillar-The animal sign in Hour Pillar represents children, investment, thinking, aspiration, hopes, dreams, and hired help.

Although there positive and negative stars in top five animal signs, I believe that we should focus only on the positive stars in the animal signs instead of the negative stars in the area of our focus like career, wealth, relationship and health. When there are good stars in your animal signs, it translates to opportunities, assistance and help will come to you. If we can focus on our plans and strategies to achieve our goals by using the good stars in the animal signs, I believe that we will get what we want in 2017.

However, if your Bazi chart does not have the lucky elements and animal signs, do not fret or give up yet as you can always team up with somebody with the lucky elements and the top 5 animal signs to ride on their luck or you use Feng Shui to help you to achieve your goals. Please read my blog on “Do I have the 3 lucky elements in the Year of the Rooster

I shall be writing on the Feng Shui Annual Flying stars for 2017 in my next blog. Stay tune.


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10 thoughts on “Do I have the Top Five Auspicious Animal Signs in the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017

  1. Bing says:

    Hello Uncle bazi,

    I have rooster in day branch but rabbit in month branch. Time of birth is not clear based on
    birth certificate which is blurry.
    I am afraid to go back to work because of the clash in my branches.
    How do I keep myself away from clashes and harms?
    Thank you for all your help. I love reading your posts and comments.

    female ji gui ji yi Ren gui ji yi
    wei you mao Si Xu you mao Si

    1. UncleBazi says:


      The important things to do are to learn something from clashes and harms and become wiser as there is no way to avoid them. It is silly to be afraid to go back to work because of the clash. This is not a wise thing to do. How are you going to earn a living?



  2. Bing says:

    Hello again Uncle Bazi,

    Thank you for your quick response.
    Since I have rooster (day branch) meeting with rooster year branch (2017), will I find my husband now?
    How and where do I find him? Is he going to be metal since my day branch You combines with my year branch Si ?
    Please help with regards to relationship and money luck this year. .

    Female Ji Gui Ji Yi Ten year luck pillar is Jia
    Wei You Mao Si Shen

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Please give me your DOB and TOB. For privacy, you can email me at or check my Bazi services on my blog.


      1. Bing says:

        Hello again Uncle Bazi,
        March 20,1965 either 2:30 pm or 8:30 pm in the Philippines.
        The birth certificate is blurry and all my relatives in the Philippines do not remember.
        Thank you for your help.

        1. UncleBazi says:

          Hi, based on 8.30pm, it is better for your relationship compared to 2.30pm. If based on 8.30pm you have a DO in the hidden stem in the Hour Pillar. If based on 2.30pm, there are two 7k in the Hour pillar. For a lady, DO represents husband & 7k is a boyfriend. Rabbit in your Month Pillar clashes with Rooster externally in 2017 and Rabbit also has an internal clash with Rooster in the Day Pillar. Clash means changes. There will be changes in your career this year. The industry that will give the maximum return/opportunities is the wood industry. Possible years of marriage are Year of Dragon, Snake, and Ox.

          If you are interested to know more, please go to my blog to check my Bazi services under the service tab. I offer a few Bazi Report packages. It is good to invest in your own Bazi Report as you can refer to it from time to time to guide you in achieving your goals in life. Please go to digidentz on Facebook and click like.

          Thanks for reading my blog.

          Uncle Bazi

  3. Cindy says:

    Hello Uncle Bazi,

    Thank you for your analysis.

    I am born 26 November 1986,

    This year I decided to quit my job and open my own start up.
    Is this a wise decision?

    And will my start up enjoy profit this year?

    Thank you for your guide.

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Cindy,

      Your chart is not suitable for start up. Better for you to be in employment.

      Please go to my blog and check my Bazi services.


  4. Bing says:

    Hi Uncle Bazi,

    I like reading your analysis. I will not be able to do private one since I got injured last year in July and still not working. Left arm pain probably my rabbit month clashing with rooster day branch.
    Do I need to continue my metal job ( Operating Room ) or my wood job ( teaching)? I was in the operating room when I hurt my left arm on July 19, 2016.
    Thank you always for quick response.

    1. UncleBazi says:


      It is better for you to focus on your teaching job as wood is strong in your chart.


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