Do I have the three lucky elements in the Year of the Rooster?




Bazi Chart of 2017

2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster. Fire Rooster Year will only begin on 3-February 2017 at 23:36 hours.The birth chart of 2017 is shown above.

No astrologers can predict accurately 100% of what will happen next year. However, a forecast can be made based on the strength/energy of the elements and clashes in the chart to determine the energy patterns, trends and relates them to events, market, economy, and people. The market and economy will generally by determined by fear and greed of people. We have to see whether the elements in the chart in 2017 are balanced or not. If the elements are not balanced in the chart, generally people will be fearful and pessimistic. If the elements in the chart are balanced, generally people will have confidence and this will lead to greed and optimism. The five elements actually relate to the planets in the solar systems. Wood is equivalent to Jupiter, Fire is Mars, Metal is Venus and so on.

Based on the elements in the Chart of 2017, we can forecast what is in store for us and plan our action and strategy to make 2017 a fantastic year for us. This is a good time for us to plan our action and strategy for 2017 as we still have around one month as the Fire Rooster Year starts only at 23:36 hours, the late Rat hour on 3-February, 2017.

From the above chart, it can be seen that elements in 2017 are not balanced. We can see many Metal elements in the chart. Metal elements are the strongest element or have the strongest energy follow by Water and Fire. The second weakest is Wood and the weakest element is Earth. Metal elements are the strongest element in the chart, it means there will be more activities and opportunities in the Metal industries. For example, if you are looking for a job, the metal industries will offer you more job opportunities. Metal is the strongest element also means metal industries will face strong competition. As 2017 is a Fire Rooster Year, the fire will counter metal, as inside Rooster there is a Yin Metal. It means generally people with Rooster in their chart will be temperamental, easily frustrated, easily agitated and hot tempered. Globally, it means more terrorism, fightings, wars, violence and bomb explosions in 2017. However, Rooster is also the luckiest animal sign in 2017 there are Wealth stars in Rooster. It will be a good year for those in judicial field and the legal profession as metal also represents justice. Rooster also represents medicine and most likely there will be the medical breakthrough in 2017. If you want to do your medical check-ups better do in September 2017 as Rooster month is in September. The industries represented by Metal are shown below.

Metal Industries

1.Financial and banking sectors

2.Automobiles and manufacturing

3.Military Sectors


To forecast whether you will have good luck or not in 2017, you need to check your Bazi Chart. Please print your Bazi Chart here.The elements in your personal Bazi Chart must resonate with the strongest element, Metal, which has the strongest energy in the 2017 chart. If you have Metal in your chart, you will have good luck and life will be smooth sailing in 2017 as abundant resources, opportunities and assistance will come to you. If you have Metal elements, the force will be with you in 2017 like as mentioned in the movie “Star Wars”. If you do not have Metal in your chart, do not worry, please look for Water in your Chart.

Water is the second strongest element in the year. The is because the strong metal element is the resource of water. The water industries can be represented by the following businesses:-

Water Industries

1.Tourism Sectors



4.Fast Moving Consumer Goods

5.Service Industry

6.Logistic and transport

There will be steady gains/profits as fire is the wealth element of water industries, resources are strong as metal is the resource of water and there will be new innovation as wood is the output of water.

If you have Water anywhere in your personal Bazi Chart, you will also have good luck.

The third strongest element is Fire. There will be strong gains as the strong metal in 2017 is the wealth element of fire. There will be recognition for those who have Fire in their chart as the strong water in the year chart is the controlling/influence element of Fire. However, resource element of Fire which is Wood is weak in 2017 as wood is being cut by the strong metal in 2017. Anyone who can fulfill the resource/support role in the Fire industries will be successful in 2017.

Fire Industries


2.Oil and gas



5.Food and Hospitality





10.Aviation Sectors

If you have Fire in your chart, you will also have good luck.

Do you have dumb money luck in 2017?

What is smart money and dumb money? Smart money relates to the skills you learn from schools, college, universities and using the skills to get a job or start a business to earn a living. The salaries, wages, fees, commissions and profits you get from your job/business is called smart money. Smart money can be repeated every month as long as you work you can earn your monthly income. Please read my blog on “Assessment of Wealth Capacity”.

Dumb money falls to you when you are in the right place, right time and someone gives you a money making opportunity deal and you make money out of it without much effort. The windfall from winning a lottery, game of chance and huge inheritance can also be considered as dumb money. Normally, incomes or wealth from dumb money cannot be repeated. Please read my blog on “Smart and Dumb Money Luck”.

You have dumb money luck in 2017 if you have all the three lucky elements-Metal, Water, and Fire in your heaven stem of your Hour, Month and Year Pillars except for Day Pillar as shown below-


Dumb Money Luck

Wood is the second weakest and earth is the weakest element. If you have many earth and wood elements in your Bazi chart, it translates that you will have many obstacles, challenges, and issues in 2017. However, if you the positive lucky animal signs in your chart then it will be a different story.

You can use the five elements to check your outlook for 2017 by checking your Bazi Chart. In your Bazi Chart, there are four pillars-

  • Year Pillar-It represents your friends, your environment, your social network, the market and public.
  • Month Pillar-It represents your career prospects if you are an employee and business prospects if you are a businessman
  • Day Pillar-It represents the relationship with spouse, your home, and your health.
  • Hour Pillar-It represents children, investment, thinking, aspiration, hopes, dreams, and hired help.

If metal, water, and fire are abundant in your Year and Month Pillar, your career, friends, and opportunities will be good in 2017. If metal, water, and fire are dominant in your Hour and Month Pillar, your relationship with your spouse and your investments, thinking, aspirations and passion will be good.

If metal, water, and fire are dominant in your Year, Month, Day and Hour Pillars, 2017 will be fantastic for you.

I will continue with the astrological Animal Signs in my next blog.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone “A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2017”.


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12 thoughts on “Do I have the three lucky elements in the Year of the Rooster?

  1. Kevin Ng says:

    Hi uncle bazi,

    What does it mean if self punishment ( hai – hai ) appear in my day and month pillar ?

    Thank you

    1. UncleBazi says:


      Please go to Service Tab in my blog to choose the required report. All questions will be answered in your report.

  2. Will Kok says:

    Hi Uncle Bazi,

    What happen if metal is one of your unfavorable element in the bazi chart ? Will he/she benefits from the rooster year ? Not everyone who have metal in their chart will resonate well to it since there is favorable and unfavorable element in one’s chart. Hopefully you can clarify and clear my doubts. Thank you.

    Happy New Year to you Sifu 🙂

    1. UncleBazi says:


      In 2017, the strongest element is metal. If metal is one of your unfavorable element, you will still benefit as there will be a lot of job opportunities for you in 2017. You will face strong competition but luck will be on your side this year as metal is the dominant energy this year. If you also have water and fire and any of the top 5 animal signs(Dragon, Rooster, Rat, Horse and Tiger) especially in the month pillar as month represents your career/business, and you are proactive to launch new career or business, 2017 will be a fantastic year for you.

      If you like to know more about your destiny, please check out my services under the Service Tab in my blog.

      Happy New Year to you.


      Uncle Bazi


  3. bogie says:

    Hi Uncle Bazi,

    Goat for 2017 has the 8 seats which indicates becoming famous overnight. If goat is in the day branch of the natal chart does it mean daymaster has the star to become famous or is it the spouse who can become famous? Thanks.

    1. UncleBazi says:


      If Goat is in your Day Pillar, your spouse has the potential to become popular and famous. She needs to do something like posting a video on youtube or doing something that can make her popular/famous.

      Thanks for reading my blog.


  4. Xuan says:

    I have Yin metal on my HOUR & DAY heavenly stem, Yang metal on my MONTH & YEAR heavenly stem and YEAR earthy branch. Is it good?

    1. UncleBazi says:


      Good for what? Unable to tell as information is not complete as DOB is not given.


  5. Edw says:

    Hi i want to ask you, the date for chinese new year this year is on 28th january 2017

    For the base pf your calculation you are using 3rd february

    Can you please explain ?

    Thank you

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Chinese New Year is based on Lunar Calendar. Bazi is based on the solar calendar. The solar year for 2017 started on February 3 at 23:26 hour.

      Best regards

  6. belle says:

    hi, i born on 11 april 1983, spring. meaning my wood is prosperous, my fire is strong, water is weak . metal is trapped , earth is dead. but my chart have a lot of earths,

    so my favorable elements are metal and water ? and i should venture into metal and water industry ?

    i would to seek your clarification on which is my favorable and unfavorable elements respectively ? should we choose the job which is unfavorable elements for us so that we can balance up the elements? is that true ? hear from you then . thank you very much

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Your DM of Yin Earth as it sitting on Fire Snake which houses strong Fire element. Next to your DM is another Fire element. You are born nearing the end of Spring approaching the summer season. Dragon has a strong earth element in it. I would consider your DM as strong as it has the support of earth in the month and surrounded by fire. Your favorable elements are Metal(output), Water(Wealth) and Wood(Status, power & authority). If you want maximum opportunities and return for your career, I will choose based on the dominant elements in your hidden stem of your month pillar which are Earth, Water and Wood. The industries are Earth(e.g. property, real estates, insurance), Water(e.g. trading, FMCG, transport, tourism, travel, courier, fishery, aquatics, beverages, water filters, wisdom related fields) and Wood(e.g. teaching, education, furniture, plantation, fashion, garments, hair dressing).



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