Year of the Fire Monkey-what is in store for 2016

In the beginning of January 2016, we have seen the start of a global market mayhem -panic selling which caused China’s share trading to be halted twice within a span of four days due to the triggering of the circuit breakers on January 4 and 7 after the benchmark Shanghai index dropped 7%. In Indonesia, there were bombings by ISIS.  It is predicted that there will be more bombings by ISIS, fires, hurricanes, freak storms, tsunami, heavy floods, violence, volatility in financial markets, geopolitical tension, plunging oil price, currency wars, US rates hike, slowing world trade, higher retrenchment, the outbreak of diseases and wars. Please also read my blog on “Assessment of Wealth Capacity“.

In the Year of Fire Monkey 2016, there are many fire elements clash with the metal elements, and many metal elements clash with the wood elements meaning a very volatile, challenging, fiery and explosive year. Please print your Bazi chart here.

Let us look at the Bazi Chart for 2016

Bazi Chart of 2016

Bazi Chart of 2016

The most dominant element in the Year of the Fire Monkey 2016 is Fire. As Fire is the most dominant element, it is important that fire element is also present in our personal destiny Bazi chart, this is one of the ways to tell whether 2016 will be good for us or not. However, if there are excessive fire elements in the chart, the person will be hot tempered and temperamental. Ideally, one to two fire elements in our natal Bazi chart is enough, more than that are considered excessive. When you have the fire element in your chart, it means the force will be with you in the year of Fire Monkey in 2016 but whether the force is awaken or not depends on the action you take.

The second dominant element in the birth chart of 2016 is the wood element. If in your Bazi Chart there is no fire element then look for the wood element, if the wood element is present, then this will be a good year for you.

If you do not have the fire and wood element in the chart, then check in your Bazi Chart whether you have the water element. The water element is the very important element to have in 2016 as water represents solutions to the problems of the year indirectly meaning money making opportunities. By providing solutions or solve problems, you get paid. The water element is the arbitrator for Fire-Metal clash and Wood-Metal Clash. Hence, the most important element to have in your chart is the water element, especially Yang Water. Your wealth will be determined by whether you have Yin water or Yang water in your chart. The difference between Yang and Yin Water could be in the form of a few zeros in terms the amount you get this year.

The metal element is not strong and considered weak in the Year Chart as it is being countered by fire. The earth element is the weakest element in the Year Chart and is considered the negative element in the year. If you have many metal and earth elements in your chart, 2016 will be a slow year for you and have to put in a lot of hard work. If you have many metal and earth elements in your chart and no water, fire and wood elements 2016 will be a challenging year for you as no water element means you do not have the solution to your problems. In summary, based on the count of number of positive elements of fire, wood and water in your Bazi Chart, you can tell whether 2016 will be a good year for you or not.

If your positive elements of fire, wood and water are more than negative elements of metal and earth in your Bazi chart, then 2016 is a good year for you.

In Malaysia, for 2016 fire represents happiness and ability to influence or sales. Water represents profit. Metal represents cash. Wood represents assets. Earth represents the strategy.

Let us look at the animal signs for astrological outlook for 2016-

  • Wealth starsOx(National Treasure), Boar(Moon), Snake(Treasure Star) & Rabbit(Jade Hall)
  • Relationship starsOx(Sky Happiness), Goat(Red Matchmaker) & Rooster(Salty Pool)
  • Status, Power & Recognition starsRabbit(Emperor), Rat(General Star) & Monkey(The Duke’s Arrival)
  • Helpful People starsRooster(Sun), Snake(Fortune Virtue) & Rabbit(Dragon Virtue)
  • Dissolving Problem starsTiger(Sky Relief) & Boar(Earth Relief)
  • Academic starsDragon(Elegant Seal) & Monkey(Intelligence)
  • Connections/Networking starsTiger(Sky Horse) & Snake(Grand Duke Combination)
  • Forgetfulness starsBoar(Death God) & Rooster(Sky Emptiness)
  • Emotional starsDog(Sky Cry), Goat(Lonesome), Tiger(Instability) & Rat(Five Ghost)
  • Petty People starsMonkey(Back-Poking), Rooster(Annual Sha), Ox(Yin Sha) & Dog(Leopard Tail)
  • Accident starsDragon(White Tiger) & Horse (Calamity Sha)
  • Health Issues starsGoat(Sickness Charm), Monkey(Sword Edge) & Tiger(Blood Knife)

In 2016, Monkey clashes with Tiger, it means chances of accidents happening are higher for those with Monkey and Tiger in their chart especially in the month of February and August.

You can use the animal signs to check your outlook for 2016. In your Bazi Chart, there are four pillars-

  • Year Pillar-The animal sign in Year Pillar represents your friends-real friends and facebook friends, your environment, your social network, your market if you are a businessman, public.
  • Month Pillar-The animal sign in Month Pillar represents your career prospects if you are an employee and business prospects if you are a businessman
  • Day Pillar-The animal sign in Day Pillar represents relationship with spouse
  • Hour Pillar-The animal sign in Hour Pillar represents children, investment, thinking, aspiration, hopes, dreams

Let us look at the Bazi Chart of Mr Z based on the animal signs, to check what is in store for Mr Z in 2016.

Bazi Chart of Mr Z

1.He has a Dog in the Year Pillar. As Dog has no good stars this year, this means his friends in 2016 will have problems as Year Pillar represents his friends not him. His friends will have emotional issues (Sky Cry star) and have petty people (Leopard Tail star) in their life in 2016.

2.There is a Dragon in the Month Pillar. Month Pillar represents his career if he is working or his business prospects if he is a businessman. For a student, it represents his studies, examination or academic aspects. In Dragon, there is an academic star called Elegant Seal, which in the olden days is something like a big umbrella used to shield the Emperor or King. It represents knowledge, good learning ability, status, scholastic skills. If it appears in the month, it is timely to study, upgrade skills and knowledge. He will do well academically this year.

However, he has to be careful as Dragon also has an accident star called White Tiger which relates metal related injury in the campus or when traveling to and fro from college.

3.There is a Rooster in the Day Pillar. Day Pillar refers to relationship with spouse or girl/boyfriend. Rooster has a relationship star called salty pool or lusty star. If he is married or in a relationship this year he has more desire or urge for more bed room activities. If he is single he has strong desire for girls and to get physical with her or has to find an outlet to release or do it himself. If salty pools appears in a lady’s chart, she can use her seduction power to attract man to bed. In general, if you have Salty pool in the Day Pillar you will get horny this year, this maybe a good thing to many guys.

There is also a Sun star in Rooster, which is a helpful people star or noble people star. Sun star is the highest form of noble people star. When you have the Sun star, you should be magnanimous in helping people instead of getting help from people. If he is married, his wife will be helpful to him. If he is in relationship, his girl friend will be helpful to him.

There is also a Petty people star (Annual Sha star) in Rooster. This means there could be a third party causing problem in the relationship.

Forgetfulness star (Sky Emptiness star) also appears in the Rooster. He will forget his partner’s birthday, anniversary, etc.

4. Snake is in his Hour Pillar. Hour Pillar represents his thinking, aspiration, hopes, ambition, children and investment. Snake has wealth or money star in the form of Treasure star. It represents money he will get on a project basis.

Helpful people star is also in Snake in the form of Fortune Virtue star which also relates to meeting mentor teaching him on how to invest. He will also get more opportunities to eat and put on weight subsequently. In other words, Snake star will make you gain weight this year if it it appears in your Hour, Day and Month Pillars.

Connection & networking stars are also in Snake this year. The star is called Grand Duke Combination as Snake combines with Monkey this year.  He will have strong connection/networking luck to know powerful people in the investment arena this year. Also meaning he will make money if he invests this year.

Above is a simple analysis of what is in store for Mr Z in 2016. This is metaphysics at its highest form yet simple to understand and analyse.

In a nutshell, you can use this simple Bazi analysis based on the animal signs to do your own reading to find out what is in store for you in 2016. Please also read my blog on Seizing Opportunities in 2016 through Flying Stars.

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12 thoughts on “Year of the Fire Monkey-what is in store for 2016

  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you very much for this detail article !!!
    But, I have a question to ask, may I know if I find a rooster falling under the month pillar, what does that means?
    Does this mean that:
    1) this person is a nobel person to his/her staffs, customers and suppliers from work?
    2) Or is it a salty pool star? Is the salty pool star valid when falling under month pillar ?? Does this means that if this person is married, he/she will have an affair with someone from work?

    Please advise.

    1. UncleBazi says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Yes to your question 1 as the Sun star is a noble man star which is in your month which represents your work place and career. So be magnanimous and help your colleagues and customers. For question 2, yes it indicates a potential or possibility as salty pool star which is in the Rooster sign is in your month pillar but you still have the free will to control it. Wishing you a
      Happy & Prosperous Year of the Fire Monkey.

      1. Michelle says:

        Hi Uncle Bazi,

        Happy new year to you and may you be blessed with many happiness this year and beyond!

        Thank you very much for your reply earlier… Sorry for late reply as I didn’t see your reply in my email earlier until now…

        I would like to update you that is true the salty pool happened at work place… Your reading is so accurate.

        Now.. I need to ask you further and hope you can help.

        You mentioned that if salty pool falls under day pillar… That person will have high sex drive or affair…. Actually day pillar is talking about the relationship with i right?

        So…if there’s a salty pool in day pillar… is it referring or indicating spouse having the affair or that person of this bazi having an affair??

        1. UncleBazi says:


          Happy New Year to you.

          Yes, the Day Pillar is about your relationship with your spouse. Salty pool in your Day Pillar means there is possibility/potential of you having an affair or your husband as it about you and your spouse. Also another possibility is your relationship with your husband will be physically more intense during the year which is a good thing to spice up your relationship. However, you can still use your will power and discipline to control it and do not blame it on the star.

          Thanks for your wonderful comments.

          Uncle Bazi

          1. Michelle says:

            Hi Uncle Bazi…

            Thank you very much for your reply…

            Your reading will remind us to have the self control… Thank you very much and again… May you have a fruitful year of rooster!!

          2. UncleBazi says:

            Happy Rooster to you. Thanks

  2. anton says:

    Hi UncleBazi,

    I have sent email to to find out what my natal chart means for wealth, relationship, health,career etc. I hope you can able to analyze my natal chart. Thank you for your generosity in reading & analyzing my chart. More power.


      1. anton says:

        Hi Unclebazi,

        I just sent you email. kindly check my email. Thanks very much.



      2. anton says:

        I just sent email to Kindly check email. Thank you very much.



        1. UncleBazi says:

          I will check. Thanks

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