Year of the Fire Monkey-Seizing Opportunities Through Flying Stars

Many market analysts, economists, and feng shui masters forecasted a challenging year for 2016. The low price of crude oil, metals, commodities, and volatility in foreign exchange rates, swings in the stock exchanges are expected to continue in 2016. The impending increase in interest rate by the Federal Reserves of US and the maturity of bonds(issued under QE in the US), the bulk of which are due in 2016 are expected to affect the flow of funds and increase uncertainties in the bond, share, and property markets. Many job cuts and retrenchments are also expected in 2016 in view of economic slowdown and intense competition. Please read my blog on “Assessment of Wealth Capacity”.

However, in every crisis there are always opportunities. To be able to seize opportunities when they come, one must always be ready and prepared. Cash is one of the prerequisites to have in time of crisis. Cash is needed for contingencies, buying properties, shares, assets, and businesses. It is also important to acquire education, wisdom, skills and knowledge. Connection and ability to execute are also important.

We can use Flying Stars Fengshui system to help us get the above resources. What is Flying Stars Fengshui?

There are many systems of authentic Classical Feng Shui. One of them is “Xuan Kong” Feng Shui which is the mother system of the famous Flying Stars Feng Shui technique. Flying stars technique is just one part of the “Xuan Kong” School.  It is a highly sophisticated art of Fengshui that comprises various techniques to evaluate a property in respect of time, landforms and energy or “Qi” distribution to for the interior and exterior.


In Fengshui, “Qi” is dynamic. “Qi” evolves, permeates and changes through time. Every 20 years, there is a capital transformation and shift in Qi. Every 20 years is equivalent to a period. We are now in Period 8 which is from 2004 to 2023. It is an analysis of the five elements- fire, earth, metal, water and wood and star combinations that occupy your building. Every new year sees the annual flying stars change, bringing good and bad energy to different sectors of the property.  It is like updating to latest version of Apple IOS system from 8 to 9. There many books on this Feng Shui system in the market. If you want more information and details you can buy the books or google for them. I want to share with you on its application.

Below is a Flying Star chart for 2016 –

Flying Star Chart

The flying stars system is based on Hsia(Solar) calendar. The first day of Hsia or solar calendar is on 4th February 2016. The Chinese New Year is based on Lunar Calendar which falls on 8th February 2016. The solar calendar of the Yang Fire Monkey year will start on 4th February 2016 and ends on 3rd February 2017.

How to locate the above Flying Stars number for your property?

Get a copy of the layout plan of your property. Determine the center of the property and then stand there facing out taking the compass direction. Then draw 9 grids on the layout plan and put the number 1 to 9 based on the compass sector of the flying star chart for 2016.

Take an example, Mr. Chan’s property faces South East direction bearing compass degree of 136 taken facing out from the center of his house. His house’s flying star chart for 2016 will be as shown below-

Flying Star Chart of Mr. Chan’s house for 2016

In Flying Stars Fengshui, there are 9 stars in the systems-

1)Star 8 is a wealth star which is a cash flow star.

2)Star 9 is a secondary wealth star for investments.

3)Star 1 represents noble people, wisdom, knowledge, connection.

4)Star 4 is an academic or scholastic star to acquire knowledge, skills, and talents.

5)Star 6 represents authority, power, influence and ability to take action/execute

6)Star 5 is known as 5 Yellow is the most dangerous and negative of all the nine stars. It relates to serious setbacks and repercussions such as bankruptcy, misfortune, disasters, catastrophes and even diseases

7)Star 2 relates to sickness, illness, ailments and health-related problems

8)Star 3 relates to misunderstandings, arguments, disputes, legal issues

9)Star 7 relates to robbery, theft, slanderous remarks and people, injury and hazards caused by fire and sharp objects.

The annual flying stars are for short term use usually for a year. Next year, the 9 stars will fly into another location.

How to use the flying stars?

In Period 8, the auspicious flying stars in terms of ranking are Star 8, Star 9 and Star 1. The sectors which have these stars will receive the best Qi or energy compared to the other sectors. Qi is just like wi-fi waves, in some areas you get better broadband reception and connectivity than the other areas. You can spend more time in the area where Star 8, 9 and 1 are located to enjoy the auspicious Qi there and less time in the negative sectors of your property.

Flying Stars for Year of Monkey 2016

Negative Sectors- Northeast, Center, Northwest, and North

a)Northeast-Star 5

In the year of the Monkey, the bad energy called Star 5 or “Five Yellow”– symbolizing misfortune, obstacles, and bad luck arrives at the Northeast. It would be wise to avoid disturbing or accidentally activating it through any ground-breaking or renovation in the area. Otherwise, it could bring about a host of issues such as health problems, loss of wealth, serious life-threatening calamities. It is not totally possible to avoid this sector. However, you can minimize the usage of this sector or spend less time here. It is recommended that one can place metal objects to weaken the earth energy of “Five Yellow”.

b)Center-Star 2

Another negative energy Star 2 which symbolizing sickness will arrive in the center.

c)Northwest-Star 3

The bad energy Star 3 is a star of conflict and robbery will be in the Northwest.

d)North-Star 7

Another bad energy Star 7 which represents scandals, theft and robbery will be in the North.

Positive sectors

a)Wealth Sectors

i)Southwest-Star 8

If you have the main door located at the Southwest sector of your house, then it will be very rewarding for wealth or asset related pursuits. You should enter and leave the house through the Southwest door, spend more time to do important work, to sign a contract and do important activities in the Southwest area to get the good supporting Qi.


ii)East-Star 9– spend more time in the East sector to tap on the secondary wealth Qi for investments.

b)Academic Sectors

i)West-Star 4-to study, learn new skills, initiate a relationship, spend more time in the West sector.

Girl graduates

ii)Southeast-Star 1-to get help, learn from noble people, get wisdom, knowledge, connection, spend more time in the SouthEast sector.

c)Execution Sector

South-Star 6-if you are unable to take action/execute and influence, then use the South sector.

2016 Feng Shui Afflictions

a)The Grand Duke of Jupiter, Grand General or Commander of the Year or “Tai Sui”

Tai Sui is the name of a body of Qi is in the Southwest in 2016. This sector is not to be disturbed. It is not favorable to carry any construction or renovation work in the area. As long as there are no renovation or construction activities in the sector then the sector is usable as auspicious Star 8 is also located here. Tai Sui also represents the direction of the year. It is located at the sector of the Luo Pan(Chinese compass). For instance, in the Year of the Monkey, Grand Duke is located at SouthWest 3 bearing compass degree of 232.6-247.5. There are two types of Grand Duke by definition. The first is the “spiritual” Grand Duke which is a deity the Chinese pray to during Chinese New Year in the hope of receiving good blessings for a smooth sailing year. The other Grand Duke refers to Feng Shui Grand Duke which is a planetary position of a body of Qi or planet. They are two entirely separate and distinct entities, altogether. We are only interested in the Feng Shui Grand Duke.

b)Three Killings

It is also not recommended for one to sit with back against the South as you will be sitting against the unfavorable energy called “Three Killings” in the South. Do not do renovation or construction activities in the South. As long there are no renovation or construction works in this sector, it is okay to be in this sector.

c)Year Breaker or “Wrath of the Grand Duke”

It is also not advisable to sit in the Northeast called Year Breaker or “Wrath of the Grand Duke” which faced the Grand Duke in the SouthWest. This sector should not be activated lest it invites severe undesirable issues so any renovation works in this sector are totally out of the question. The bad star “Five Yellow” is also in this sector. With two inauspicious Stars- the Five Yellow and Year Breaker-this is one area to be wary of.

In summary, by knowing where are the auspicious stars in your property, you should strategize to spend more time in the good sectors-the Southwest, East and Southeast where the Qi or energy level is stronger for you to seize opportunities in 2016.

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