Destiny and you

Can you change your destiny? Is our destiny cast in stone? If that is so, some people commented that there is no point to go for destiny reading to check one’s life destiny as you cannot change destiny. Please read my blog on “Assessment of wealth capacity”.

Before we answer these questions. Let us look at life. Our journey in life begin the day we are born(say point A) and end when we kick the bucket(point Z). During our life journey from point A to point Z, we would have many options or choices. By checking your Bazi, you will discover that there will many choices for the journey from A to Z. For example, there are many ways to go from A to Z – you can drive, take ETS train, ride super bike, cycle or fly. With more choices you have you can make better decision. Another example, assuming that you are a single girl and your parents force you to get marry as you are not getting young anymore, say they give you 3 choices -(1)marry a road sweeper (2)marry an unemployed (3)marry an odd job worker. Definitely it is very difficult for you to make any decision as all the choices are bad. What if you have another choice -marry a rich handsome man, then the choice is obvious. In summary,  you can make better decision with better choices and with better decision you can get better life.

Our destiny  generally  is determined 50% by external factors and 50% internal factors. What are external factors, they are events which we cannot control like natural disasters like floods, fire, earthquakes, etc. Internal factors are your character, personality, thinking, skills and talents. Bazi is able to reveal a person  ‘s character, thinking, skills and talents.


I would recommend you to watch a movie called “Pirates Of The Carribean ” if you want to learn Bazi. I particularly like Jack Sparrow’s favourable  line when he gets into a difficult situation -“the problem is not a problem but is the attitude towards the problem”. Our character and the way we think will shape our attitude, so by changing our character and thinking, our attitude towards problem will also change.

As  Bazi is able to reveal one’s strengths and weaknesses, the important key thing here is awareness. To be able to change, you need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. By making the relevant changes you can become a better person.

What is the purpose of life? Some people want to make more money, own a business, get marry, own a  luxury car, big bungalow, etc. All these will ultimately will lead to happiness. In short, the ultimate purpose of life is to be happy. Happiness is related to our thinking. The way we think will affect our happiness. This also can be revealed in your Bazi.

Our skills and talents also can be revealed in your Bazi chart. The earlier we discovered our skills and talents  the better as time is on our side to hone and develop our skills to the maximum. For example, Nicol David, the world squash champion started playing at very young age. Tiger Wood also started playing golf when he is very young. It is to your disadvantage if you discover your talent late as time is not on your side to maximize your talent. For example, if at age of 70, you discovered that can sing like Celine Dion or Bruno Mars, it is too late as you do not have many productive years left.

Finally after maximising your character or personality, thinking, skills and talents, you must take action to make things happen.

Destiny can be changed as we still have options or choices and the free will to make decision and take action to change life. Please click here and like Digidentz at Facebook.

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